Sable German Shepherd

Sable German Shepherd: How Different Are They? 

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If you are a dog lover and want a German Shephard for yourself but not of the regular color combination. Then you should go for the sable German Shepherd. 

These dogs are not hybrid dogs or even crossbreed dogs. They are globally recognized as German Shepherd variation and are purebred dogs. 

The only thing that makes this dog breed stand out is its fur color, which is sable. That is how they got their name. Other than their color, they are similar in every trait to any other variation of the German Shepherd. 

Sable German Shepherds are known for their immense loyalty and are best as working dogs, which is why dogs military, police, or service dogs are German Shepherds.

Sable German Shepherd: Characteristics

Since these dogs are not mixed breed dogs and are simply another variation of the German Shepherd, hence they carry similar characteristics and temperament as any standard German shepherd. 

But due to their color difference, they tend to be rarer than other German Shepherds, hence more expensive than usual. 

On average, the litter size for sable German Shepherd puppies is 5 to 9. And as they can cost up to $800 to $1500 each puppy. At the same time, any standard GSD puppy costs up to $300 to $700. 

It is a well-observed fact that the German Shepherd is a large dog breed. Males can grow up to 26 inches and weigh up to 75 to 95 pounds. At the same time, females grow up to 24 inches and weigh up to 55 to 75 pounds.  

Sable German Shepherd in flowers
Sable German Shepherd in flowers

Sable German Shepherd: Appearance

Sable GSDs have a domed shape head song with a square but a long muzzle. They tend to have long erected ears, which dangle low when running or prowling around. They are a powerful breed of dogs and often resemble wolves. 

GSDs not only resemble wolves, but they are descendants of the gray wolf. They share 99.9% DNA with the wolves, though they are not wolves. 

GSDs only have two types of coat, either medium coat or long coat. But most of them have double coats, a dense guard coat with a softer underlayer, which provides warmth. They are not suitable for someone with allergies as they shed a lot. 

Sable German Shepherd: Temperament

No matter what the color of their coat is, that doesn’t have any effect on their temperament. German Shepherds are extremely friendly and loyal dog breeds. They are generally very active and alert. Combining their intelligence and eagerness to learn is what makes them the perfect working dog. 

They are very playful and love to be outside. Being highly sociable dogs, they don’t like to be left alone. In addition, they are always in need of mental stimuli as they are an intelligent breed. 

GSDs are highly loyal to their family and take it upon them to protect them at any cost. Their watchful and alert behavior with a loud, deep bark is what that tagged them as dangerous. These are not naturally aggressive dogs, but their reputation is from what they were in the past. 

German Shepherds are naturally large and muscular dogs. Hence they don’t have soft mouths, like Golden Retrievers. Their bite force is much over 1060 newtons, though lesser than Rottweilers but more than Pitbulls. 

They need proper socialization to keep their instinct in check and ware of strangers and other animals. They are naturally curious dogs; combining that with their intelligence, they are best for search and rescue missions. 

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Sable German Shepherds: Energy Level

Since they are a very active and energetic breed, they need a lot of activity and physical exercise, and mental stimulus. 

GSDs are great working dogs and are competent in challenging situations. They are highly reward-oriented dogs, so pleasing their owners are very important to them. 

German Shepherds should get at least 60 to 90 minutes of exercise each day. It is less when they are puppies. Risk of over-exercising when puppies is a risk. 

Puppies should exercise for five minutes daily, every month till they are adults. It takes about 18 months for a GSD to become an adult. 

These are very adventurous dogs and will love to accompany you on hikes, swimming, walks, and any adventure. They love the great outdoors and are bad at being apartment pets, they need big open space to move around. 

Being an intelligent breed, they get easily bored due to the lack of any mental stimulus. This can result in them being destructive behavior and frustration. They are very stubborn, so avoid scolding or even punishing them. 

Sable German Shepherds are very loving and loyal dog breeds, they are exactly what you expect from a pet. With their dominant personality, they are a perfect watchdog and will always protect you at any cost. 


So if you are looking to get a Sable German Shepherd, then you don’t need to think twice, just go for it.

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