10 Best Cat Breeds for Outdoor Enthusiasts

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Contrary to popular belief, cats can be great travel companions.

While many people think of them as being tough to train and lacking a sense of exploration, it’s simply not the case.

Cats do love adventure and exploring the world and they can train well.

In this post, we’ll cover the top 10 cat breeds that like to travel or are most likely to be a breed that will enjoy the different kinds of outdoor activity.

If you’re planning on taking your cat on an adventure out of the house, especially if it involves hiking, you’ll need to look into getting a cat backpack to help you carry them to your adventure destination.

You’ll also more than likely need a harness and leash so that you can keep a hold of them when you let them explore under their own steam.

With your basic outdoor cat adventure needs sorting, let’s look at the most adventurous breeds suited to an outdoor trip.

1. The Rescue or Shelter Cat

Rescue cats have great potential of becoming great travel companions.

Of course, a cat shelter contains cats of different breeds and different personalities. The goal is to find a playful and curious feline that is open to learning and can easily adapt to traveling.

Your best bet is to choose a young kitty and teach it to walk on a cat harness and leash and teach it tricks, such as how to fetch, from an early age.

Why rescue cats are great companions for outdoor enthusiasts:

1. Keen on learning new stuff

2. Grateful and affectionate which helps create strong bonds during trips

3. Mixed breeds can have genes of a travel-prone breed

4. Adult shelter cats might already boast some traveling experience

5. Devoted to their owner, will go with him everywhere

2. Abyssinian Cat

There couldn’t be any better travel companion than an Abyssinian cat.

These cats are adventurous by nature; they love to play, jump, run, climb and simply spend plenty of time outdoors.

Moreover, Abyssinian cats are extremely smart, which allows them to grasp new skills and behaviors fast, and they also have a robust build which is indispensable in climbing, hiking, and exploring the adventure playground of the outdoors for hours.

Why Abyssinian cats are perfect for traveling:

1. Exceptionally inquisitive

2. Stick to their owner

3. Adore physical activity

4. Quiet and patient, perfect for long and tiring trips

5. Are attention-seekers and love the company of humans

3. Bengal Cat

Bengal cats are known for their agility, intelligence, endurance, and sense of exploration which makes them perfect travel companions.

They love risks and crave spending their tons of energy on exploring the surrounding world.

In addition, Bengal felines make awesome Instagram models thanks to their stunning marble coats!

Why Bengal kitties suit travel enthusiasts perfectly:

1. Intelligent and quick learners

2. Love socializing and receiving attention

3. Full of energy and agile

4. Highly adaptable to new environments, including water

5. Have great stamina

4. American Bobtail Cat

Quickly adaptable to any kind of weather, easily trained to walk on a leash, and craving adventure, the American Bobtail is the perfect cat breed to consider for your next trip.

Bobtails are famous for their athletic build and somewhat wild appearance that combines ideally with their distinctive bobbed tail.

Why American Bobtail cats travel well:

1. Adventurous and fun-loving creatures

2. Athletic body that makes them great hikers, runners, and climbers.

3. Ability to learn things quickly

4. Water-resistant double coat to withstand any weather conditions

5. Easily adaptable to a new place and new weather

5. Manx Cat

Originating on the Isle of Man, the Manx cat has a quiet and composed nature that can easily adapt to car trips and walks on a leash.

It’s affectionate and sociable guaranteeing you good company while traveling.

Moreover, Manx cats are avid explorers that love discovering new places.

Why Manx cats are fit for travel:

1. Suitable for car trips

2. Not afraid of water

3. Devoted to their owner, following him everywhere

4. Master new skills, tricks, and behaviors at ease

5. Constantly seek attention

6. Turkish Van Cat

Turkish Van cats are a favorite companion of many travelers thanks to their silky and fluffy coats, playful nature, and ability to swim.

If you live near the ocean, don’t hesitate to get a Turkish Van that will love spending all day long on the beach swimming, sunbathing, and playing in the sand.

Make sure you provide your cat with fun activities regularly, else they will get bored really fast.

Why Turkish Van cats are a great partner for traveling:

1. Feel good both on land and in water

2. Despite their fancy cashmere-like coat, they don’t require much grooming

3. Energetic and fun-loving

4. Loyal companions

5. Smart and sociable which makes training easier

7. Maine Coon Cat

In spite of their huge size, Maine Coons are incredibly friendly and affectionate.

Having a Maine Coon travel with you will fill your trip with meaning and provide tons of positive emotions.

These cute giants are eager learners and love engaging in fun activities that at the same time stimulate them mentally.

Why Maine Coons travel well:

1. Grasp new knowledge fast which facilitates training

2. Gentle and loving

3. Require much attention and playtime

4. Good listeners, stick to their human companion

5. Love exploring new places

8. American Shorthair Cat

While being an independent explorer by nature, the American Shorthair is also family-friendly and people-oriented.

It loves roaming around and hunting, but remains loyal to its human companion and follows him around.

This breed adapts to a new environment effortlessly. It’s friendly and social even with strangers. You will be amazed by its intelligence and desire to learn new things.

Why American Shorthair is a perfect pet for travel enthusiasts:

1. Quickly adaptable

2. Innate explorers and adventure-seekers

3. Highly intelligent

4. Enjoy the human company

5. Outstanding agility and endurance

9. Ocicat Cat

Another cat that loves to travel is the Ocicat.

These striking cats take pride in an athletic body that helps them climb, hike and jump and explore the outdoor world relentlessly.

Aside from a good physique, Ocicat boasts a formidable intellect allowing it to train easily and learn quickly.

They are normally very attached to their owner and love attention.

Why Ocicats are a good travel companion:

1. Quick learner

2. Require much space and activity

3. Easy to train

4. Enjoy spending time with their human companion

5. Good general health and endurance

10. Persian Cat

This white furball has everything needed to become your perfect travel partner.

It adapts smoothly to new environments and trains easily to fetch and walk on a leash.

A Persian cat is even-tempered, quiet, and docile but it craves a lot of activity and playtime.

The best thing, it is car- and airplane-friendly which makes it ideally suited for a travel lifestyle.

Why Persian cats are perfect for travel:

1. It’s easy to teach them new tricks and skills

2. They adapt easily to new places

3. They love outdoor activities

4. Affectionate and docile

5. Suited for long car trips

Characteristics of Travel-Loving Cats

There are many cat breeds that are keen on traveling or are predisposed to adopt a travel lifestyle easily.

While each breed has its strictly breed-related characteristics, some traits are common for all travel-prone felines.

Here are the character traits you should look for when choosing a furry travel companion:

  • Curious
  • Loves roaming around outside
  • Easily adaptable to new conditions
  • Easy to train
  • Energetic and playful
  • A fit body
  • Loyal, docile, and attached to its owner
  • Loves companionship of people

Closing Thoughts

While most people attribute the role of a travel companion to dogs, cats can play this role too.

They enjoy traveling and exploring new places and are trainable.

If you are in the process of choosing a cat to be part of your family, then these breeds should be on your list.

Once you’ve found the right cat for you and one that is going to enjoy your adventures, just take it easy to start with.

Keep in mind to give your cat time to learn the basic travel behaviors they will have to get used to and try teaching them some tricks that will make outdoor experiences easier for them.

Let it practice at a slow pace until it gets used to the new activity and doesn’t forget to reward it with treats for every accomplishment.

Any of these breeds will make an excellent travel and outdoor cat companion on your adventures.