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10 Freshwater Fish’s That Are Perfect to Keep as Pets

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Keeping Freshwater fish at your home is a dominant trend, especially in the United Nations. Many people love to keep them at home as a Pet. 

You are keeping them as a pet has various health benefits that can’t ignore. Many people have a hobby of keeping fish at home.

People can get easily attracted to them due to their beauty and because they don’t bother human-like other pet animals. You don’t have to keep an eye on them and can leave them at home without worrying about anything. Let’s talk about the Freshwater fish that you can stay at home.

Freshwater Fishes as Pets

Aren’t you looking for the best Freshwater fishes that you can keep at home? Yes, you are in the right place. I am going to tell you the top 10 best freshwater fish that you can save as a pet. Let’s discuss them in detail.

1- Neon Tetra

Neon Tetra is a small size species that comes in various attractive colors and sizes. They considered one of the best and foremost Aquatic pets that people love to keep at home. It said that it is best to keep a group of Neon Tetra toga. They work best when they live in a group form.

They only grow up to 1.5 inches; that’s why people prefer to buy them in a group form and keep almost 15 or 20 Neon Tetra fish in a jar or the aquarium. Remember not to exceed more than 20; otherwise, it may cause problems. The crowd of fishes in the aquarium causes bacteria.

2- Guppies

It considered the second-best aquatic pets to keep at home. They are quite popular among the specified because of their capacity and capability to adjust themselves under any water condition. They are available in various attractive colors. As far as their food is concerned, then it is better to feed them with a combination of plant and animal food.

It is better not to keep a bunch of Guppies fish in a single aquarium. It may cause disturbance among them. You need to take care of guppy’s lot because these species produce waste, and due to excessive waste in the water, they may die if you don’t look after the cleanliness of the aquarium. They may also die if the proper oxygen not given to them.

3- Mollies

It is another freshwater fish that people keep at home as a pet. The best thing about this species is they can take care of themselves. If you keep them in a pleasant environment and take care of the cleanliness of the aquarium, then they might live up to 5 years. It all depends on you.

It is always good to keep them in a warm condition. Adjust heater in the aquarium to stay Mollies warmer. Remember not to overfeed these species that may cause trouble later. They are not so aggressive so that they won’t give harm to other species.

4- Platies

Platies are freshwater species that people keep at home as a pet. They considered very calmly and peaceful, that’s why they are popular. You can find them in various colors, and they grow till 7.0 cm. They don’t live for a long time, and the average lifespan of these species is three years.

The other best thing about Platies is that they can adjust in every water condition, so you don’t need to fix a heater in the aquarium. They can live with other platies fish and can likewise live alone. They don’t have any issue in any circumstance.

5- Cherry Barb

Cherry barb is a tropical freshwater fish that only grow up to 5 cm. They don’t require a large tank due to their small size. They likewise considered very peaceful and calm and usually stay at the corner of the aquarium, leaving all the aquarium or a fish tank empty. They can find a lot of space to swim in.

It also said that keep them with tetra fish. They can merge easily with Tetra fish. They can eat anything whatever they will find in the aquarium. They usually eat insects, or you can also feed them with seasonal vegetables.

6- Oscar

Oscar fishes have various personalities. A few of them might be aggressive, while others are less aggressive. They can share the tank with other species easily. They also considered the most intelligent species, among others. They require a lot of care in the maintenance of the aquarium.

The experienced fish keepers usually handle these species. People often get attracted to their colors. You can deal with them quickly with extra care as every fish requires. It is better to have a fish tank filterso that the aquarium remains tidy and clean. With the filter, you can take care of them in a better way. A few of them suddenly attack others that all depends on their level of aggression. Better keep them separate.

7- Zebra Danios

Zabra Danior is another freshwater species that is easily recognizable and doesn’t need extra care. If you don’t have any experience of keeping pets at home, then I recommend you to start with Zebra Danios. They are compatible and usually survive in every kind of water temperature. So, you need to adjust the heater in the aquarium.

They also considered very loyal species. If you are planning to keep them at home, then have a group of five Zebra Danios not more than that. They are very active; however, don’t keep them at a shallow temperature; otherwise, they may get uncurable diseases.

8- Killifish

Killifish is another small size freshwater species that can easily fit in a small aquarium. If you want to keep more species in the aquarium, then have a large aquarium. They have a calm personality. However, they make killifish found aggressive towards their mates. Killifish are best suitable for Tetras, Danios, Rainbows, and a few other species.

They come in a wide range of colors while their life span is not significant. You can take care of them by removing the parent Killifish once they laid the eggs in the aquarium. Keep them in warm water for at least three months.

9- Bettas

Betta fish found very aggressive and mostly kept alone due to their dynamic personalities. They may harm other fishes and may get them injured. That’s why they like to stay lonely in the same tank. There are a few species that may remain with them, including Guppies, Cory Catfish, Ghost Shrimp, and a few others.

The purchase of betta fish varies; however, it starts from 4$. Remember to keep only one male Betta fish in the aquarium because they tend to be aggressive and bossy towards other male Betta fish.

10- Rainbow Fish

The Rainbowfish is a colorful family of species like the word ‘Rainbow’ describes. They hail from Australia and South Asia that grows 6 inches long. They have a very peaceful personality. To show their colors, they need extra care. They considered the most attractive species of the fish because of their vibrant colors.

They likewise don’t have a significant life span and live shortly. Rainbowfish usually can’t be found in the stores. They consume any food, including insects, tadpoles, and other small size fish.

Final Thought

Are you looking to have Aquatic pets at home? If yes, then here is a complete list of freshwater fishes that you can keep at home as a pet. I hope you will find this article helpful.

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