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10 Fun Activities That You Can Do With Your Pet During Weekends

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Cute puppy eyes, wagging tails, and irresistible licks are the perfect description for the best weekend companion humans can ever have. There’s no denying that the charm our pets have can easily melt our hearts!

And to reciprocate that feeling, the least we can do for them is to give them the attention they are longing for and spend some quality time with them over the weekends.

You’d think the activities we can have with them are limited just because they are four-legged, but no, the possibilities are endless if you only know how to be creative.

Here are 10 fun activities that you can start doing this weekend with your favorite buddy!

1. Have a Scavenger Hunt

Dogs are notorious for having an intense sense of smell. And what could you do to utilize that talent? A scavenger hunt, no less!

Pick up treats at a local pet store and place them around your backyard. Once you’re done, invite your dog out of the houseand let him look for treats scattered around the area.

Imagine the joy he would feel just by running around the yard and finding treats just for him— definitely a precious moment.

2. Go for a Swim

There are dog breeds that are fond of the water, while some are unfortunately not.

If your pet loves the water, then grab that opportunity to spend some time at the pool or any other bodies of water— that is, of course, safe for any dog breed.

There are dog beaches around the country that you can go to, where you and your pets can have a ball of a time. Running around the sand and going straight into the water when it gets too hot could be comforting for your pets.

If you’re worried about bringing so much stuff including yours and your pooch’s, consider getting the best luggage sets in the market. This way, you can have yours packed in one luggage, and the smaller one can be for your fur baby.

Matching luggage sets? Yes, please!

3. Go for a Hike

There are mountain trails that are accessible even for dogs. If you love hiking, you might as well encourage your four-legged babies to love the activity as well, and I’m pretty sure they would love it.

Besides, it will also serve as an exercise for them. Time to get rid of those excess fats tucked beneath their bellies.

Just bring enough water because they will surely get thirsty during the activity.

4. Go on a Bike Ride

Dogs love to follow their humans, that’s a fact.

A bathroom break has never been peaceful again after getting yourself a cute, live fur ball. And whether we like it or not, we’ve gotten used to it. To be honest, it’s extremely adorable.

Since they’ve basically become our shadow, make them follow you during a bike ride— but on a leash. It could be a good workout routine for the both of you, only if your dog is physically fit to do the activity.

You can start slowly, and then once he gets the hang of it, you can speed up.

5. Work on Training

The thing we love most about our dogs is that they can be trained, no matter what breed they belong in. Those fun and witty tricks we see on TV, your dogs can do that, too.

Aside from that, allowing your puppy to go into training makes him a candidate for a good canine citizen, knowing exactly where to pee, where to poop and when to stay still when his human commands him to.

Patience is your best tool when teaching your dogs these tricks, so don’t give up on them easily. Turn it into a fun activity for both of you so that your efforts won’t go down the drain.

6. Stock Up on Toys

To say that they love toys is an understatement. They sleep with toys and won’t go a day without playing with them.

So if you really want to pamper your babies, it’s time you give them their own shopping time. Let them wander around and choose which toy delights their hearts.

But a word of warning, every toy they see may cause their hearts to flutter. 

Although the possibility of a tantrum is lesser than when you’re with a toddler, just be ready in case he would not want to leave the pet store without all of those toys inside your bag.

7. Go for a Boat Ride

If he’s afraid of the water, going on a boat ride might be a better option. There are special vests made for dogs to ensure their safety.

This could be a great chance to expose them to water, and eventually encourage them to love the water more.

8. Take a Drive

If you notice your pup staying close to a fan or anything that makes their fur or hair blow, it’s likely that they would enjoy a car ride.

Let them take the front seat with the windows open and just let them enjoy the cool breeze on their faces. While they wouldn’t be able to help you navigate around the road, this would give them the chance to familiarize themselves with the surroundings.

9. Park Time With Your Pup

This tried and tested trick is a well-loved favorite by dogs.

A couple of rounds of frisbee at the park could be a good exercise for you and your pooch. Run here and there and voila, your dog will maintain a good heart while you keep your waistline in check.

10. Throw a Puppy Party

Your dog’s birthday and National Dog Day are good excuses to throw a puppy party. Invite your friends who have a pet to spend a few hours in the afternoon to play over.

Prepare treats and giveaways for all the dogs and for the humans, as well. Look for design inspirations on Pinterest that would best describe your puppy to decorate your space.

It would surely be a fun activity for you just as it is for your dog.


Dogs are like family to us. And how do we treat our families? We make sure that they feel loved no matter the weather.

For the duration of their lives here on earth, all they should ever feel is love and compassion— nothing less.

Now, get that leash and that ball and head straight to your backyard for a goofing time with your furry baby. 

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