10 Must-Haves When Traveling With a Puppy

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Having a dog can be a wonderful thing. They are not only adorable, but they are also capable of doing some pretty cool things. They can help reduce your stress, much like a hot tub can (just make sure you have a chemical starter kit). But when it comes time to travel with them, it can be a complicated endeavor that leaves you feeling stressed out. Here are a few things that you absolutely must have with you when traveling with a dog.

  1. Sunscreen 

Much like you would have things to protect your skin and body – drinking herbal teas, sunscreen of your own, etc. – you would want to do the same for your puppy. Bringing sunscreen can ensure that your dog is protected in the event that you are outdoors for a while. Dogs can develop melanoma too, so keep them protected.

  1. Treats

There is probably nothing a dog loves more than a good treat. Most of the time, we simply give our dogs treats to let them know that they are a good boy or girl and that we love them. But they can also make for an effective tool to have on a trip.

Having treats with you while traveling can help you to keep your dog from misbehaving. Tell them a command and then offer them a treat. 

  1. A Leash

You need a leash for a few reasons. The first is that it probably the law in whatever area that you are traveling to or through. You don’t want to get a fine for not having your dog on a leash, so just make sure to have one with you.

Moreover, if your dog is not entirely trained, having a leash is a good way to keep them from running up to random people. Keeping your dog safe while traveling is important and a leash is a great way to ensure their safety while you travel.

  1. Poop Bags

Like it or not, your dogs are going to go to the bathroom somewhere that you don’t want them to. When nature calls, they go where they go and unless you have one of those dogs that you see online, they probably won’t go in the toilet.

Having poop bags on hand means that you can clean up a mess in an instant. It might be unpleasant having to find someplace to dispose of the bag, but at least you won’t be “that guy” that leaves dog poop wherever they go. There are worse things than carrying around a bag of poop.

  1. A Picture of Your Dog

It is the very worst-case scenario: you are traveling with your dog and the two of you get separated. No one wants to have to deal with it, but it is a possibility that has to be prepared for. And that is why having a picture of your dog with you can be such a good idea.

Particularly in crowded areas, having a picture of your dog can help you track them down sooner rather than later. Show the people in the area the picture and hopefully they can direct you to where the dog was last seen. When looking for a lost animal, having all the help you can get is a more effective way of doing things.

  1. Tags or Travel Info

Much the same as having a picture of your dog can help you locate them if they’ve been lost, having travel information on their tag is a good idea, too. Your cell phone should be the most prevalent thing that a stranger sees.

This way, if the dog runs off and someone finds it, they can simply call you. That takes a lot of the guesswork and stress out of a lost animal and allows you to reunite with your furry friend sooner rather than later. Make sure when you are traveling to keep an ESA letter if you qualify, to ensure you can travel with your pet.

  1. A Blanket or Towel

Bringing something for your dog to lay on is a good idea. It can provide them a “safe” spot in unfamiliar terrain. This can help to keep them calm or can give you a designated spot to point them too. Traveling with a dog is all about comfort.

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