10 Reasons Why Labrador Retriever Is A Perfect Emotional Support Dog For Seniors

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Today, almost 15 percent of the total population in the United States accounts for senior citizens. And the number is deemed to further increase as it already shows an increasing trend in recent years.

As people age, a lot of things happen in terms of well-being, and changes will be apparent. These changes will range from physical health all the way to the emotional, social, and mental aspects. This is why seniors need all the support that they can get, especially from their family and loved ones.

Available and Accessible Emotional Support

As seniors evolve, their emotional needs also tend to further expand. Thankfully, though, there are a lot of available tools and instruments that they can turn to when they need emotional support.

All assisted living facilities today have programs that benefit the emotional needs of every senior resident. Having a pet such as the Labrador Retriever can help seniors to feel less lonely and pet ownership helps seniors to stay more active. 

Aside from these programs, some communities spearhead projects and activities, even therapies, for this specific concern. But, among all these things, it has been found that adopting and caring for dogs have become one of the most effective tools to provide emotional support for seniors.

Why Labrador Retrievers Are Ideal For Seniors’ Emotional Support

There are a lot of dog breeds that are ideal for emotional support, not only for seniors but also for everyone. However, among all the available dogs for supporting seniors, Labrador Retriever is deemed to be one of the most suitable for the occupation. Labrador Retrievers are often chosen as the dog breed to train as a guide dog for the blind. Seniors with vision problems may look into getting a guide dog and most likely that dog will be a Labrador Retriever.

Here are the reasons why:

·     Labrador Retrievers are Intelligent and Highly Trainable

Labrador Retrievers are very intelligent and smart. They can easily pick up on certain routines and activities. As a result, they can be effectively trained, which is a very great characteristic of an emotional support dog.

They are also highly food motivated. So, a little treat from here and there will enable them for much convenient training.

·     Labs are known for their Calm, Easygoing, and Stable Temperament

This breed of dog is known for its calm and fun attitude. In fact, Lab Retrievers are the gentlest breed among all. As a result, they can offer so much fun and laughs to the owners, especially to the seniors who are taking good care or playing with them.

Also, they get along very well with everyone, including kids and toddlers.

·     Labrador Retrievers are very trainable and friendly

As mentioned, Lab Retrievers are very food motivated. And this is very essential when training a dog to help people in various activities, especially senior citizens.

Even adult aged-Lab Retrievers are also responsive to training sessions as they are very calm and focus on people in their surroundings.

·     Tolerance

Another reason why they are a perfect emotional support dog for seniors is that they have a high tolerance for pain. Accordingly, they are very helpful and beneficial during retrieval, rescue, and emergency operations.

This is also one of the top reasons why this breed is very apparent in most police works these days.

·     Peace of Mind

They can give you total peace of mind because they do not harm anyone or anything in their surroundings. Labs are very known for this kind of nature, this is why they are perfect emotional support dogs for people, particularly to golden-aged groups.

  • Labs have a great temperament that makes the dog suitable for older people

Taking care of adult Labrador Retrievers is not challenging. Considering the traits and characteristics they possess, they pretty much require fewer needs than most breeds in recent times.

It is also worth noting that they can live up to 10-14 years. Some even reach more than the range.

  • Easier Vet Trips

With Labs being calm, responsive, and gentle, taking them to veterinary check-ups and trips will not be a challenge, especially to senior citizens. They respond well to their owners. In fact, even to others as they are very kind and tender to humans.

  • Instant Companion

Assisted living facilities allow pets like Labradors because of their overall character. With its playful, cheerful, and smart traits, they already serve as instant companions to everyone, especially to the seniors.

Also, it is worth considering that since they are very easy to train, they can be taught a lot of things, including chores and activities that may be already difficult, notably for senior citizens.

  • Labs make great companion pets for active retirees

Labradors are very friendly and approachable. This is why they are also perfect as a family dog. They do not scare off children, even toddlers. As it happens, there are even circumstances where they are much closer to kids and young ones.

  • Labs Don’t Cost a Lot to Adopt

Buying this breed may cost you a lot, especially if you are buying them from well-known breeders. The price may range from $800 up to $2000 in the current market.

However, adopting one from pet centers and pet adoption institutions would cost next to nothing. You will only need a few hundred bucks and the right documents to adopt a Labrador Retriever.

Final Thoughts

Labradors are very fun, loving, and beneficial to dogs, especially to those who need emotional and mental support. They are also deemed to be the most popular breed that tops the list of the best dogs for emotional support.

So, if you are looking for a breed that will you as you age, or a loved one in their senior years, go see one and adopt a Labrador Retriever today.

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