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Resolution Ideas For Your ESA

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If you love your emotional support animal a lot, you’re also probably wondering what you can do to make its life as efficient as yours! Well, besides feeding it and giving it water every day, and petting it, we have compiled a list of resolutions or things that you can do to ensure that your ESA is just as caught up with things as you are!

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1) Visit Your Local Veterinarian

Your dog’s yearly examination is an integral part of preventative care. Many medical problems, such as obesity, arthritis, or diabetes, can be alleviated or cured altogether if caught at an early stage. Remember: not all medical conditions are obvious so yearly health and wellness exams are essential to a happy, healthy pup.

2) Update Pet ID Information

No one wants to lose their pet or emotional support animal! However, in the event of a missing companion animal, the best way to ensure your fur baby makes it home is by keeping the contact information on his tags and/or microchip up to date. Unfortunately, too many pet owners only remember until it’s too late. Also, it is a good idea to update your ESA letter on an annual basis as well, if you got yours from us over a year ago, then contact us for an update.

3) Socialize With Your Pup

Dogs are social creatures! That’s why many stories of emotional support dogs bonding with people, cats, horses, elephants (the list goes on) are not uncommon. It is always a good idea to socialize by bringing your pup to the dog park. Not only will they have a blast but they will learn how to socialize with other dogs, which is very important, especially later in life. You might meet fellow dog owners and improve your social life too!

4)  Take Daily Walks

Daily walks are crucial for dogs, especially if they spend the majority of their time inside. A little daily exercise will keep them limber, promote healthy digestion, and even help with common behavioral issues like excessive barking or chewing. The best part: it helps you with your fitness goals as well!

5) Try Out New Activities

Essentially, we are living in an increasingly dog-friendly society. Businesses too are becoming more pet-friendly, such as Zynga and many others! Whether it’s hiking a mountain or practicing doggy yoga on your mat, there are a million fun, new ways to bond with your pet. So the next time you’re dreading your humdrum morning walk, grab your pup and try something new and exciting!

6) Teach your Old Dog a New Trick

If you don’t use it, you lose it. That’s true of many things and your pet’s brain is no exception. Studies show that mental stimulation reduces cognitive deterioration in senior dogs. So if your dog is getting up there, now is the perfect time to revisit the never quite mastered “roll over.”

7) Rethink your Dog’s Food

As dogs grow, their nutritional needs change. Puppies will not have the same nutritional needs as an older dog and vice versa. Additionally, the pet food industry is ever-changing. One brand that was popular last year may have been recalled or there may be something new on the market that better fits your dog’s nutritional needs. This is the perfect topic to discuss at your pup’s yearly exam. It’s always a good idea to switch over to a more organic-based food plan since that is what’s trending now!

8) Play More!

It may take some time to discover, but every dog has a favorite playtime activity. Whether it’s chasing a ball, playing tug of war with a rope, or running after the ever elusive toilet paper roll (my dog’s personal favorite), playtime is key to your pup’s happiness.

9) Groom Your Dog Frequently

Grooming your pet on a daily basis serves many purposes. Not only does it prevent matting and help distribute oils from the skin to the fur, but it is also a great bonding activity that shows your four-legged friend how much you love him. Additionally, consistent teeth brushing prevents periodontal disease and keeps breath fresh.

10) Adopt a Dog and/or Volunteer at a Shelter

Ever thought about adopting a pet? There are a countless number of dogs that need to be fostered until they find a permanent home. What better way to figure out if puppy parenthood is right for you than to have a trial run? If fostering is too demanding, call up your local rescue. These organizations are constantly in need of people willing to take a stroll with a cute pup. Resolutions do not only have to involve improving yourself but who can tell you that you can’t have too many resolutions to commit to each and every year!

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