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10 Signs You’re Obsessed With Your Dog

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To have a dog is to realize that you can have an emotional support dog, company for those days when it seems that nothing goes well, a shoulder to cry, and someone who listens to you without judging you and loves you without conditions.

There is no better reception than when you get home, tired of work, exhausted, dragging your feet and everyone else is asleep. However, there is someone who is glad to see you and who does not hesitate to go to the door to receive you in the best way, jumping and barking showing his happiness to see you come back. Moreover, yes, it is easy to get a little obsessed with the beautiful animals that seem to have been sent from heaven to cheer us up, and give us pure happiness and genuine love; but really, how obsessed can we be?

14 Signs Your Dog REALLY Loves You, Confirmed by Science

Here is a list of things that, if you do them just like us, I am afraid to tell you that you are also obsessed with your pet! In addition, with obsession comes care, pure affection, and love. If you really want your best bud to stay longer with you, then you have to treat him to his favorite meals and a few dog supplements Australia has to offer the best.

The world is better because they exist! There is nothing prettier than the love we have for our dog. They can criticize us all they want, but all the people who have dogs are obsessed with them. It does not fail! It is the naturalness of the relationship. Without realizing it, they become our children, our friends, and our life partners. Therefore, it is normal for much of your time to revolve around your pet. If you have one, you can relate to the following:

1) We think twice before leaving

Already in itself, going to work breaks our hearts, so the little time we have to share in the afternoon we prefer to spend with our pet instead of going to drinks.

2) You take him everywhere you go

The classic question: Can my dog ​​go? Admit that there should be more dog-friendly restaurants. Whether to the beach, to eat, to drink on a Sunday (obviously outdoors), the dog comes. Even if you don’t believe me, I took my dog ​​to accompany me to do manicures and pedicures. I didn’t want to leave her alone!

3) Your social networks are embroidered with photos of your dog 

Whether Snapchat, Instagram, or Facebook, you don’t give people a break. The one who doesn’t like to be erased, but you don’t have control of your dog’s cuteness overload.

4) You don’t need friends anymore

It has become your partner in crime. She listens to you when you’re upset, you hug her when you’re sad, you dance with her, she waits for you while you bathe, and you go for a walk together. What friendship is more beautiful than that?

5) Your most desired dream is to be able to text with your dog

Haha, wouldn’t this be perfection?

6) Your bed is no longer your bed

However, is it not the richest thing to sleep with this dog delight? Most likely, he already took your pillow and your sheet, but you don’t care. This also implies that when you want to be intimate with your partner (or whoever!) There will be someone interrupting the process.

7) Hold serious conversations

Should I take the job? I don’t know what to do with my life. Am I supposed to text him again? I’m hungry. You discuss everything with him from small tank rantings to greater life decisions.

8) You don’t share food with ANYONE, except your dog

Sure, have a little ice cream! 

9) You treat him like he’s a human 

Moreover, he already believes it! You miss him too much, you buy him clothes, you give him many kisses, and you dress him when he is cold. He is your baby.

10) You can’t bother for more than 3 minutes

You arrive at the house after an exhausting day of work and you realize that your cork broke, you get upset, you scold it hard (even if you die of grief inside), “you are punished” you say and the punishment only lasts 5 minutes because all you want to do is lie down and yearn for your pet.

From spa sessions, through birthday celebrations to referring to him as your ‘baby’ are some of the signs that indicate that your pet became a “son/daughter”.

For animal lovers, pets are family members. They need affection, attention, and care. However, some behaviors could be extreme. This is very common among young people who do not yet have children or have decided not to have them (like the millennial generation) and adopt this type of behavior in relation to their pets. Many people have a different relationship with their dog. It is no longer a pet; it is a fundamental member of the family.

How to detect that your dog receives excessive attention?

My ‘baby’: clear and blunt, his first name, remained in the background, and extremely affectionate nicknames predominate. Added to that, speak softly, sharply and diminutively.

The bed is his new spoon:it stopped being a space of both to be the place of your pet. The intruder ends up being the owner. Sometimes you end up sleeping at the foot of the bed so as not to bother it. The bed is already its territory; it does not know the limits and invades the space that belongs to its owner.

Spa sessions: its weight, figure, and appearance is a primary issues for its owner. The monthly budget – sometimes higher than that of its owner – is destined to hairdressers in pet shops, specific food and clear special clothes to pamper it.

Travel companion: a weekend at a friend’s house, a romantic getaway, a walk along the river, any destination is ‘spectacular’ if it is pet-friendly. If not, “many choose to refuse the invitation.

Personalized birthday parties: during the first years the gifts were a bone or toy on the day of its date. Today the occasion merits a celebration, with friends, hats, and birthday cake

Invaded social networks: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or Snapchat, all are perfect channels to publicize the incredible personality of your dog. 90% of the publications are from your dog, some even have their own user. He is a faithful travel companion and any destination is ideal to take him.

A ‘doggy’ toy store:  the home became a 100% animal space: bones, stuffed animals, and a collection of fun proposals that are never enough.

Frequent pet dates:just as moms organize meetings for their children to socialize with their friends’ children, something similar happens in doggy friendship appointments. 


This is what the dog obsession is all about – are you a victim too? After reading the above-mentioned stuff, do you think you can consider your dog as your one and only love of your life? Welcome to the club!

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