10 Steps to Keep Your Pets Pest Free

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All the love and care you have for your furry friends wouldn’t suffice enough if they have something bugging them constantly. Yes, we are talking about those pesky fleas, ticks, mites, and other parasites that make your and their lives a misery business through infestations in your surroundings.

And to keep you away from this disaster we are here for your rescue. All you need to do is follow these simple steps given below:-

1. Post Walk Checks of Your Pet

Make it a mandatory routine to brush your hands over your pet’s coat thoroughly to look for bumps and bruises under their fur as they are prone to attacks from pests and other parasites that lurk in between tall grasses and places with natural habitat. Also, you could use an appropriate brush specifically for your pet to double-check.

2. Anti-Pest Products

Use anti-pest products as and when necessary or as prescribed by your vet. Various products like anti-ticks and, flea sprays, shampoos, anti-bacterial powders are easily available in the market nowadays.

3. De-worming Your Pets

Getting your pets de-wormed every six months is a necessary aspect to keep your pets healthy and happy all the time. This also reduces your visits to your vet.

4. Displaying Unusual Behavioural Patterns

Many times our four-legged companions display changes in their behavioral patterns where they sometimes lose their appetite or show signs of weakness this is a cue for you to take your pet to a veterinarian ASAP. These might be signs of Lyme disease or other issues caused by pests.

5. Grooming Your Pets

Your pets need a lot of care and pampering at times, which not only keeps them healthy but also helps in bonding with the caretaker. Thereby, periodic grooming of your pets is essential for their skin/coat.

6. Clean Surroundings

De-clutter your home and especially your pet’s space. Avoid having unnecessary settings that might be a root cause for ticks and other insects. With this also clean your linens, pet beddings, and resting areas on regular basis.

7. Consulting Your Veterinarian

Determine proper preventive measures or medicines suitable for your pets after consulting your Veterinarian to keep away those troublesome pests.

8. Interaction with other animals and pets

It’s natural for your pets to come in contact with other pets and animals around them. This is a perfect setting for the ticks and fleas to find a new host. Make it a priority to check your pets after such an encounter.

9. Maintain Garden Areas

Mowing your lawn and gardens regularly is necessary to avoid tall grasses that support breeding grounds for ticks that usually hide in such areas.

10. Pest Control Services

Getting professional help to secure your home and your furry companions is a great practice. Licensed pest control professionals and services prove beneficial to protect both you and your pets from other bugs and pests.

To get professional advice on securing your home and keeping your pets away from fleas, ticks, and other pests or to know more about the safety precautions that we at Sunrise pest control takes, give us a call!

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