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10 Ways Your Cat Tells You It Loves You

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  1. They groom you.

Mother cats groom their kittens from the moment they’re born, so being licked was one of your kitty’s very first feelings of being cared for. Siblings raised together often groom each other throughout their lives. So if your kitty is licking you, it means it’s showing its love for you.

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  1. They rub their bodies against you.

Rubbing is how cats show contentment and affection. If your kitty rubs up against your leg or your face or head butts you, they’re putting their scent on you and claiming you as their own. It is very important to your relationship and bond with your cat to allow itself to rub up against you.

  1. They give you love bites.

This show of love from your kitty can prove to be a bit painful, especially if it nips at your nose or elsewhere on your face, as many cats do. Kitties nip each other affectionately, and their skin is tougher than ours, so your cat really doesn’t understand their love bite isn’t always pleasant for you.

Nipping seems to be an instinctive drive in some cats, so it’s difficult to stop the behavior. But since it’s pretty easy to predict when you’re about to get a love bite. When this is about to occur, we suggest that you get your face, finger or another body part out of the way ahead of time.

  1. They pretend to ‘mark’ you.

Male cats usually leave urine marks to claim their territory. Since much of your kitty’s love for you takes the form of claiming you as their own, don’t be surprised if your male backs up toward you with a quivering tail. Fortunately, it only seems it’s about to urine mark you — it won’t actually produce a urine spray.

Occasionally, a cat may show love by urinating in their owner’s bed. This is most often a show of love and not a show of aggression or defiance, as many cat owners mistakenly believe.

  1. They rub their gums against you.

It may seem odd, but if your cat rubs their gums (usually the upper gums) against you, know that that is just another way they’re claiming you as their own and showing their love for you.

  1. They blink slowly at you.

This might be the display of cat love that is easiest for humans to understand. If your kitty first stares at you, then blinks, then opens their eyes wide, then slowly blinks a second time, it’s telling you it loves and trusts you. It’s the equivalent of being kissed, in fact.

  1. They purr.

Newborn kittens can’t yet see, so they are guided to their mother by their purr. That’s why purring is a sign your cat is feeling content. Purring also lowers your kitty’s heart rate, so they may sometimes purr to soothe themselves. Unless your pet is ill or feeling stressed, rest assured the purring means they feel cared for by you.

  1. They bring you something dead.

When your kitty brings a small dead thing and presents it to you, it’s a sign it feels safe and secure in your home. You may be familiar with your cat bringing you presents, such as toys or small, dead animals. This is your cat’s way of showing love.

  1. They roll around in front of you.

When your cat either drops to the floor and rolls around, or jumps up on your bed or another piece of furniture and does the same, they’re trying to get your attention and affection. When a kitty shows their tummy voluntarily, it’s only to those they truly trust and love.

     10. They sleep on you.

Your cat is most vulnerable when it’s sleeping, so where it chooses to snooze must feel safe and secure to him. If one of their favorite nap spots happens to be your lap, legs, or the top of your head, consider yourself well-loved by your kitty.


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