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10 Ways To Detox Your Dog

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There’s no doubt that we live in a toxic world. We, humans, are aware of what we need to do to reduce the amount of toxins we intake, but how many of us know what to do with our dogs? Or even, know that our dogs also need detoxification as well? We know how important dogs are for our health, so it might be important to help them so they can help us. Well, we took the liberty of compiling our top ten suggestions for you to detox your dog:

1 Provide Clean & Filtered Water

It is suggested that you provide mountain spring water.

2 Organ Meals

Dogs should have organ meats from clean animals at least a week or have it be 10% of their diet.

3 Raw Foods

It would be a good idea to throw out commercially processed foods and chemically synthetic vitamins. Raw and whole foods are excellent choices for dogs. Organic sources, grass-fed animals, and even biodynamic foods are ideal!

4 Avoid Fake Food/Vitamins

Be on the lookout for synthetic vitamins. Whole foods may be properly supplemented with gentle chelators such as open cell chlorella and superfoods like spirulina.

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5 Fasting

Take one day each week to lightly fast your dog. Fasting can include:

Pure water
Broth made from whatever you have on hand – for instance, bones, veggies, scraps of meat – but fed as liquid only
Some huge raw bones – sized for your dog’s mouth to present a slow, all-day sucker of sorts
Breaking the fast with a light meal of raw poultry, including bones – maybe a raw Cornish game hen, or for the giant dogs, a whole chicken with skeleton & meat

6 Prevent & Treat Candida

You can avoid aggravating candida by eliminating sugars, carbs, and grains from your dog’s diet. Candida is known to release roughly 60-plus toxic substances into your dog’s body, so it is best to avoid triggering it.

7 Repair Leaky Gut

Just like us, dogs with leaky guts will be prone to food allergies. It would be best to remove causes like vaccines and processed foods and support the liver. Be sure to provide fermented veggies as part of the dog’s diet. For treatment, be sure to consult a naturopathic veterinarian.

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8 Skin Support

Since the skin is everyone’s biggest organ of elimination, it’s important to keep it in good working order. Make sure to perform regular, deep brushing with a natural bristle brush on your dog to get the old dead skin cells and hair out of the way. Let your dog swim in spring or fresh water if you have access. And give your dog occasional baths, but no more than a few times a year.

9 Boost Nutrients

Nutrient deficiencies can arise with mercury poisoning. It is essential to include antioxidant vitamins (A, C, E, etc.), zinc, magnesium, and selenium for your dog to detox. These also help treat potential post-vaccination immunity problems.

10 Eliminate Household Chemicals

Besides the obvious chemicals in bug killers, cleaning products, and solvents, beware of those found in perfumes, air fresheners, scented plug-ins, laundry products, and even dryer sheets! These are laden with chemicals typically unregulated & untested by US health protection agencies, and many of them are known to cause or worsen respiratory conditions like asthma in people and pets. Look for 100% natural cleaning products, or simply make your own.

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