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How To Get Emotionally Attached To Your Pet In 10 Ways

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Dogs are sensitive animals and, indeed, the most favorable pets. In fact, dogs can be the most understanding friends to wag their tails when you are happy and lick your tears when you are sad. But, some people lack connectivity with their pets and regret later.

However, the pups are your soundless companions, who will listen to you, and will never reveal secrets. Also, this trait has made them unexpressive at times when they want to share what’s in their hearts (because they can’t speak like humans).

Do you know how do they feel when you ignore them? They have the same feelings as human beings do. Yes, don’t forget they have the same sensitive heart as you do. You call them your best friends and don’t even know why they are behaving oddly or are overexcited? 

For example, sometimes they bark a lot just to tell that something (unavoidable) is happening around, but due to lack of knowledge, you seldom understand their gestures. It happens because maybe you lack connection with the pup.

What to do? It’s never too late to love your puppy with all feelings, so don’t be sad. 

Here, we will guide you a bit to get some command on the relationship with the dog and get emotionally attached to them, but before that, it would be appropriate to learn about the reasons first: Why do you need to get connected with the pooch?

Causes Of The Attachment With The Dog

Why human beings need a non-human friend even when they can have the one like themselves? The major reason behind it is loneliness. Yes, sometimes you feel lonely because you don’t find anyone who can listen to you when it is needed the most.

Well, the canines are silent animals, but they have a good sense to pick things quicker than humans. So, they do not only listen to your sad and happy stories for hours but also offer you their shoulders to cry on. Moreover, people are attached to the pups for several reasons. They could be:

  • The dog understands the moods of the owner
  • People feel secure when their pooches are around
  • The owner who is spending day and night with the pet doggy, always consider the little soul their very own child
  • Pooch presence makes life stress-less
  • The owner gets emotionally attached to their pet because of the fear of losing them.
  • Canines make their owners happier with their cute little gestures.

Probably, you would agree with the reasons, but at the same time, you are missing the spark between you and the dog. For this, you must check the next point for more clear vision.

How Emotionally Attached Are You With The Dog?

Emotions are not only verbally spoken, but they are praised more when openly expressed through gestures and practical motions. To know how emotionally you are connected with the dog, you must have to check the following traits given here: 

  • I prefer to keep a distance with the pup
  • When I am away from my pooch, I hardly think about them
  • I ignore the basic requirements of my pet 

For Your Information: According to the US Humane Society,  39% of American families own at least a dog, and 33% of the residents have one cat (at least) at home.

By solving some random questionnaires about animals, you may get to understand how deep the feeling you got in your heart for the little soul. Also, this will help you to adjust your personality traits. 

dog wrapped in blanket

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Below we will elucidate the ways and tricks through which you can make your bond with the little buddy stronger than before.

10 Easy Ways To Get Attached With The Dog

Under this heading, you will find ten amazing ways to get attached to the dog that is your home-mate and make him your forever partner.

1.   Adopt A Friendly Behavior

First of all, try to be friendly with the pet who lives in your home 24/7. Remember, the pet doesn’t only reside there but is also helpful for security purposes. This lovely silent soul doesn’t let any harm reach to you. What you have to do is to treat them nicely, and always keep a smile on your face while receiving them at doors. Once you start giving some attention, you will see that the unknown spirit will make the love-bond intense. 

2.   Talk and walk

Spend more time with the little soul. For instance, you are a morning person and go out for a walk daily. Don’t forget the “little barker” at home; you may never know how desperately they want to join you. This walk and talk would work as a salt (you can relate it to the taste) because it will increase the affection level between both of you (just like the salt does to the food). So, walking a mile by having a cute pup beside you will make the day an unforgettable bliss.

Tip: You can keep talking while walking as the dog enjoys it when you open your heart out in front of him.

3.   Understand Their Needs And Moods

At times, when your dear doggie is not in a good mood, rather than shunning them, you should sit with them and get a close look at their gestures and expressions. Moreover, learn about their needs and moods, maybe the pet is angry because he is hungry, or something else is hurting them unconsciously. For this, you can also get support from experienced personals or can ask the veterinarian to understand the mood swings that will help you to interact with them better. 

4.   Cleaned Dog, Happy Dog

How do you feel if someone disgraces your little pup for looking so ugly and dirty? We know, it feels like that someone aimed at you indirectly. At that time, don’t leave them alone as it can affect the pup’s mood and make them sad. Being a parent, adopt a habit of cleaning your mutt regularly. Make sure you have all the Adorable Dog Accessories that make cleaning easy at home like dog shampoo, nail cutter, soap, etc. 

Follow these steps for better results:

  • Bathe the pup regularly
  • Brush their teeth and trim the nails
  • Vacuum the pup coat/ fur
  • Keep their feet protected with pet booties

These little acts may make your pup happy, for sure. Plus, the relationship will become stronger.

Note: Please check the breed and precautionary measures accordingly before cleaning/bathing your pet because the conditions vary from one kind of dog to others.

5.   Take Care Of Their Health Like A Baby

Your pup is feeling down, disturbed, and growling unusually due to some pain. Don’t be ignorant. The more you care for the doggie, the more he will do the same for you. Make sure to visit a veterinarian regularly for pet checkup. Sometimes, adverse health conditions may cause mood swings, which end up affecting the relationship with the pooch unknowingly. So, never close your eyes to the movements of the canine and keep tracking their health.

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Image Source: Freepik

6.   Feed The Dog And Seed The Bond

You know how much dogs love eating, so feeding is another aspect that helps to strengthen the attachment between an owner and the pup. Make sure that your dear puppy is not hungry. Interestingly, you don’t have to search for dog food outside because the puppy can eat human food, too, not all but some of them.

Divide meal into portions that you give in a day. With this, the pet’s health would not be neglected, and by following a suitable feed timetable for the barking friend, you will definitely have them around for a longer span. Also, the pup with a happy tummy makes you laugh more often.

7.   Training Is All They Need

Train your Dragon; we mean the dog. Little things do matter. Therefore, training is required (if the pup is new to your home). For instance, teach them various “how-to’s,” such as:

  • how to behave in front of others
  • how to pee and poo 
  • how to behave in front of guests
  • how to eat and sit

The pet dog who learns these things becomes sophisticated, and you can feel proud of them like you do for your human kids. Wink!

8.   Cuddling Up With The Little Soul Helps

Another rule to get attached to the pup is to express your love to them every now and then. Cuddles, hugs, and kisses overwhelm the little puppies. So, whenever you come from outside, don’t miss the warm welcome from the dog. Moreover, let them walk side by side with you while wagging tail with happiness. However, loving them with all your heart is not enough, showing them the amount of love you have surely helps.

9.   Play Different Games With Your Puppy

Play with the little soul and enhance the beauty of the everlasting bond. Just throw a ball and ask your pet friend to chase it. By doing so, the laughter, giggles, and the gossips you share without needing any translator are what make the relationship with the dog fun and lovely. With this, the games you play are the foundation of the owner-pet bond as the more you spend time together, the more you get emotionally attached. 

10.Take Them With You On Get-Togethers

Don’t let them feel abandoned, and wherever you go, take this little speechless canine with you. The dog is your family, and you love them to the bottom of your heart, right? So, why leave them alone. You know your pet is super cute, and you may never know how many fans your pup will get at that meetup. Enjoy every moment with this amazing little friend and tell them you are there. Also, the puppies are best companionswhen you have no one around and take care of you like real best friends.

Dogs Are Partners In Crime

You spend the whole day with them, and they participate in all your crimes and acts without asking or saying a word. That’s why pet doggies are called partners in crime. With this, they know everything about you, which automatically builds up the emotional bond between you and the little soul. 


In this article, you have gone through ten easy yet exciting ways to get emotionally attached to the pooch. Also, we have provided you a questionnaire so that you can calculate the emotional-attachment-level with the little silent friend. Get along with him emotionally, and you will feel the happiness inside and outside.

Value the dog for the firm bond!

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