10 Ways to show love to your pet bird

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Guest post: People love to have pet birds as these are the great companions of humans. Their lovely personality and friendship attract the people. They wanted to make strong bonds with their pet birds, but you need to show love to them to make strong bonds. Some pet birds easily make bonds with people, while some take time. Even the birds are considered as emotional support animals along with the dogs and cats. If you have a new pet bird and wanted to make a strong bond with it, you can follow the below tips. We have listed the 10 best ways to show love to your pet to make strong bonds. 

1. Get a new toy 

The companion pet birds love to have new toys. A perfect decorative swing or ladder can be the best choice to show the love to pet birds. If your pet birdcage is already full of toys, you can replace any older toy. Whatever you are going to choose, make sure it’s safe for your pet bird. If it includes dyes, these should be nontoxic, and the hardware should be stainless steel. Usually, the birds love the moveable and musical toys. 

2. Share a Meal

Many people share meals with the wild birds. You can also do the same with your pet bird; it gives a lot of confidence to your pet bird. You only need to ensure that the food is low in salt and safe for your pet bird. Don’t provide the chocolate, junk food, cheeses, avocado, processed meats, onions, fava, and navy beans to the pet birds. 

3. Feed them a new veggie

Birds like to eat different vegetables. These are the special treats for them. You can show love to your pet bird by providing them romaine lettuce and kale, which is a perfect addition to any bird’s healthy diet. 

4. Offer them comfort 

You can take your bird out in their natural habitat to show love. It provides the stimuli to the birds, which is necessary for them to stay happy and healthy. You can place their cage in a comfort zone. They find their cages safe, but it’s also necessary to bring them comfort as well. 

5. Talk to them

Parrots love to communicate with humans through their voices and language. You can communicate with them by speaking softly, playing music, and singing softly to them. Many intelligent birds also pick the voices and perform accordingly. 

6. Give them treats 

Birds also feel great like humans after receiving the treats. There are a ton of yummy treats available for pet birds. It’s the best way to make strong bonds with the pet birds. Birds are similar to humans, as they also feel love for the people giving treats to them.

7. Hang Out

Spend some quality time with your pet bird. It doesn’t mean that you need to touch your pet bird. Simply sit on a place where your pet bird can perch near you and just hang out. You can watch TV and use the smartphone while your pet bird is sitting on a towel or on the back of your couch. 

8. Take a trip together 

Most of the pet birds spend their maximum time in a room. So, a little outside trip can be the best choice for any pet bird. If the weather is too cold or hot, you can also plan the trip in the car. Expand the trip horizons and take him to classrooms, a camping trip, or a family visit. 

9. Learn a new trick 

Most of the pet birds like to interact with people in any form. So you can work on simple tricks with your pet birds like “shake hands”. It’s the best way to teach the birds how to step up. You can also use the treat to guide the birds on how to turn around. 

10. Let them make the first move 

Let your pet bird make the first move. Make sure you are available to your pet bird and let it come to you. Pet birds are also like the human and don’t recognize the strange voices. Don’t try to approach your pet bird firstly; wait and let it get used to your presence. You may see that after a while, they feel comfortable approaching you. 

Hopefully, you will try these best ways to show love to your pet bird. You can also visit Birdfeederist.com to learn more about pet and wild birds. 

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