11 breeds that won’t mind living in a small apartment

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Living in a small(er) apartment comes with its challenges. For starters, you never actually know where to leave your laundry to dry. 

If you are a dog person as well, you might be hesitant to adopt one, never actually being sure if the pup will like the space, or if they will indeed have enough of it to play around in. 

However, a surprising lot of dog breeds won’t mind living in a small apartment, as long as they get their daily exercise in. Of course, there are also breeds that require open areas in order to thrive, but you have most likely not been considering a Newfoundland. 

If you have been hoping to join forces with a dog, keeping each other company in lockdown, and making sure the other gets their daily steps in, here for your consideration are 11 breeds that will enjoy living with you in your small apartment. 

Bichon Frise 

You may already know a Bichon Frise who is thriving in an apartment. These loving balls of white energy are considered great family dogs, and are recommended for people who suffer from allergies too

They get along with other animals well, and they like to be around people too. So much so that you should only consider this breed if you won’t be leaving it home alone for extended periods of time. 


The Dachshund has always been a popular breed, mainly due to its sausage-like body and inquisitive nature. They love to play and they thrive in company, so you do need the energy to match. 

They require a fair amount of daily exercise, and they do tend to bark, so if your neighbors are not likely to look upon the noise kindly, perhaps look for a less vocal breed.

Petit Brabancon 

If you are looking for a small dog with a kind heart, the Petit Brabancon is a great choice. They love kids and adults alike, they are easy to live with and not particularly fussy, and the shenanigans they get up to will have you laughing for days.

This breed does need a bit of training and regular exercise, but as they are very intelligent, you should have no issues with getting them to behave well.

Cocker Spaniel 

Another very gentle and loving breed, the Cocker Spaniel will be a good apartment dog too. They love to please, and they are also incredible therapy dogs, getting on extremely well with young kids and the elderly alike. 

They do have a bit of a bark, which you can however control with quiet commands, so the neighbors won’t mind them either. If they start to kick up a fuss, just let your Cocker snuggle up to them, and they’ll melt rather instantly.


Hold on a minute? Aren’t we talking about apartment dogs? Don’t Greyhounds love to run? Of course they do, but they also love to sleep, which is what makes them amazing apartment dogs. 

Getting a Greyhound does mean you need to take them out for regular runs, so if you are a runner or a jogger yourself, this tightly wound furball of energy will be an irreplaceable running buddy. They do need socialization as well, so make sure you introduce them to plenty of other dogs during their training. 

Shiba Inu 

There is one more large breed that might be very happy in an apartment, and that is the Shiba Inu.

This breed is certainly not recommended for first-time dog owners, as they need vigorous training, and a bonafide leader of the pack. They are rather spirited and energetic, but are a great companion if you know how to bring out their true nature with training. 


Returning to smaller breeds, Pugs are considered some of the best apartment dogs, as they are small, don’t need all that much exercise, are essentially clowns in a dog’s body, and love to spend time with their humans. 

The Pug will want to be by your side at all times, so if you work from home and want some company, and are ready to let your Pug be the centre of attention, don’t hesitate to get one. 

Yorkshire Terrier 

The Yorkie needs a fair bit of attention, and will need to get out and spend some of that energy every day. They are a bit on the feisty side and can even be aggressive towards strangers, so socialization and training from a young age are necessary.

If you’ve owned dogs before and are ready to give a Yorkshire Terrier the time and attention it requires, you’ll love their spirit.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel 

This is a rather athletic breed, even though you may not believe so from their size. They are quite attached to their humans, and will follow you around the apartment even if you just step over to the kitchen. 

They are also very friendly and like to meet new people, so they are a great companion for those with an active social life, or those who spend a lot of time outdoors, walking, hiking or running. 

Basset Hound 

The only feature that may come between a Basset Hound and an apartment is its bark, or should I say howl. They also have a tendency to drool, so if that puts you off, consider another breed.

Otherwise, the Basset Hound is a lazy, easy going, easy to take care of pup that prefers long walks as opposed to running, and is a great choice if you like your couch a lot too. 

Cardigan Welsh Corgi 

Finally, we can’t leave out my personal favorite breed in the entire universe, the Cardigan Welsh Corgi. 

The Cardigan needs structure and plenty of daily exercise, otherwise it will find something to amuse itself with you may not be a fan of. It is an amazing watchdog, so consider this breed if you live alone, and are able to handle its training. 

With proper socialization from a young age, the Cardigan will love living with you in your small apartment – almost as much as you love them. 

To Wrap It Up 

Of course, this is by no means a complete list of dog breeds that will like living in an apartment. However, it’s a great starting point for your research, and hopefully it features a breed you will absolutely fall in love with.

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