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12 Most Affectionate Dog Breeds

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Dogs make good pets or emotional support animals because they show unconditional love to their human owners. They are loving, and devoted, and they would do anything to please their owner. The most affectionate dog breeds love with all their heart and they are sweet and kind to both children and their owners. Also, they love hanging out with humans, and they will always show their owners how much they care. The following are the most affectionate dog breeds: 

affectionate dogs

1. Bulldogs 

They are good-natured dogs, and they are popular for their gentle dispositions. They are loyal and dependable. They are extremely docile and naturally sweet. They love hanging out with humans, so they actively solicit the attention of their human friends. They are fun to cuddle up with, but they can snore, especially in hot and humid weather. They can be lazy, but they need regular moderate exercise. If are looking to get a bulldog for yourself then you can find one of the best breeders at website.

2. Brussels Griffon

These small, sturdy dogs are cheerful and affectionate. They love hanging out with people, and they can get along with other pets. They never stop showering their human owner’s affection, so they love sitting on their human’s lap. They can sleep on top of your head when you are sleeping. They will follow you to the bathroom, bedroom, living room, kitchen, and everywhere else you invite them. 

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3. Labrador Retriever

They are bred for human companionship, so you will never question their loving devotion to their human friends. They are very athletic, so they are excellent companions for hiking, running, or retrieving. They are sweet and love pleasing their owners. They can clear small objects off low tables, chairs, and desks. They are easy to train and they will do absolutely anything for their special human friends. 

4. The American Pit Bull

They are incredibly affectionate and loyal, and they get along with kids. They are eager to please their owners, making them excellent companions. They are the most devoted dog breeds and want to spend every moment with their human family. However, they can be a bit more stubborn at times, so you must train them properly. They are very courageous, meaning they can protect their family. 

5. Great Dane 

They are lap dogs, so do not let their size fool you. They are gentle companies. They are dependable, patient, and friendly. They are kind and sweet and love playing with kids. They love hanging out with people, and they are eager to please. They are lively as puppies, but they become gentle in adulthood. They can scare you the first time you meet them, but they love humans. Do not let their size scare you. 

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6. Labradoodle 

They are very popular for their trainability, gentle manner, and extreme friendliness. They have a wavy, wiry, or curly coat. They are affectionate, playful, and people-oriented. They are happiest when they are with their loved ones. They shower their human family with affection and devotion. They are easy to train so that you can teach them proper dog etiquette. They are eager to please and intelligent, and they are good with children and get along with other dogs. 

7. Golden Retriever

They are happy, cuddly, and goofy. They are big, friendly dog breeds. They are very popular with families. Why? They are very patient with children, and they are always friendly. They can nap with their loved ones. They make an excellent athletic partner for agility training or jogging, and excellent hunting dog or service dog. They are obedient and intelligent. They are very loving and loyal. 

8. Old English Sheepdog

They have a soft, shaggy coat. They love to snuggle with their family. They are easygoing, fun-loving, and intelligent. They are good with kids. And they are agreeable, and they love to explore. They are easy to train. They will show unconditional love to their loved ones. That is why they are great with humans. They are one of the best family dogs. You will love living with this dog breed in your home. 

9. Collie 

They are loyal, gentle, and clever, but they can be stubborn. They are excellent companions, especially if you are looking for an outdoor partner. You will never question their devotion and love for their humans, even though they are capable of herding. They are good with children. They will protect their loved ones, so they always watch over their human friends. They are very affectionate dogs. 

10. Pit Bull Terrier

They are super affectionate with their human friends, even though they are not always affectionate with other dogs. They are gentle around kids. They love being with their human friends because they hate being alone. They can love total strangers. They weigh up to 80 pounds, but this does not prevent them from cuddling with their human friends. They are eager to please, and it is hard to get them out of bed. 

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11. Irish Wolfhound

Many people know them as “gentle giants.” They are loving and sensitive dog breeds. They love to cuddle with their owners, even though they cannot fit into a lap. They are always up for a hug, and they are easygoing. They love their human friends unconditionally. However, they love chasing things, so they can run away if they see something they can chase.

12. Chihuahua

They have enormous personalities, so do not let their small stature fool you. They make great human companions, especially for people who love cuddling with their dog pets. They bond with their human friends, and the bond they form with their human friends is forever. They love hanging out with their loved ones. They are portable, so they are perfect lap dogs. They will follow you from room to room. 

These are the 12 most affectionate dog breeds. They are excellent companions, and they are good with kids.

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