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Dogs with Cannabis? Good or Bad Idea?

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The benefits of medicinal marijuana for healing humans has been a topic of great debate over the years. Only recently have we begun to explore the potential benefits cannabis has to offer pets.

The Colorado State University survey has 632 people respond. Of those, 457 reports having used hemp products for their dogs and 104 reported past or present use of hemp products for their cats, according to Canna-Pet. Among the participants in the survey 274 had discussed the use of hemp products for their pets with 61.7 percent reporting favorable reactions from their veterinarians.

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What are the Benefits of Medical Marijuana for Dogs?

Many of the medical uses for marijuana in pets are very similar to the uses that exist for humans. Below are a few of the common conditions that affect dogs that can have a notable reduction in symptoms with treatments as simple as CBD infused products for dogs.

Seizure Relief

One treatment that surprises many pet owners is the fact that it is sometimes used to treat dogs who suffer from seizures. According to Leafly, many dog breeds are susceptible to seizures, including German shepherds, St. Bernards, Labrador retrievers, boxers, mastiffs, poodles, cocker spaniels, Siberian Huskies, and golden retrievers. The current estimates are between one and five percent of all dogs suffer from some type of seizure.

Anxiety Treatment

A recent Huffington Post article discusses the potential benefits of Cannabis-infused dog treats for helping to relieve separation anxiety in pets. In addition to separation anxiety, a very real condition for many high-strung pets, these treats can be important for helping dogs that are afraid of fireworks and thunderstorms too.

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Pain Management

The Huffington Post article also discusses that cannabis for dogs is also being used to treat pain and inflammation. Quartz also reports about the specific tale of a Labrador mix who suffered from frequent pain in her paws and how the owner felt as though she got her dog back within 20 minutes of offering a CBD infused dog treat.
Potential Side Effects of Using CBD Infused Products for Dogs?
Some pets may experience some side effects of using cannabis-infused products. These side effects include dizziness, increases in appetite, confusion, and lethargy. With long-term use, liver damage is another possibility and even death, according to Dr. Barchas.

While there is increasing awareness about the potential of hemp for treating many pet ailments and illnesses, some veterinarians remain reluctant to come on board. The simple solution is to do your own research and educate your veterinarian with study results and facts. Then, if your vet is still unwilling to consider prescribing cannabis-related treatments, consider finding a new veterinarian that is open to more progressive treatment options.

Don’t be fooled into believing that this is a drop in the pan that will be gone quickly. Now that some states have legalized medical marijuana, it has become a $2.7 billion dollar industry that is always looking for opportunities to expand. Pet owners often want natural products that promote healing for their pets and medical marijuana for dogs presents a perfect opportunity.

See the video provided below about how to safely medicate your dogs with cannabis:


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