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2018 New Year’s Resolution Ideas For Your Pet

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Happy New Years! Every January is all about new beginnings or refreshing goals for the rest of the year. After eating up the last leftovers of the holiday season, we should all be pumped to make headway toward our resolution plans. Now is the time to check-in with yourself to be on track to making or keeping up good habits so you can start the year off strong with your planned resolution ideas! While you’ve been listing physical, dietary or mental goals for yourself, don’t forget to consider improving things with one of the best friends in your life: your pet.

Being your pet sitter, we understand the need to better the lives of our furry friends through love, care, and attention. From our extensive pet sitting service, we’ve gathered tips to help you set and meet the resolution goals for your pet for the New Year of 2018!

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Monitor What Your Pet Eats

Your dog’s goals may not be much different than your own. Perhaps over the past few months, you’ve let Fido eat more scraps than usual or you gave out more treats. A noticeable rounder pet is the first sign to curb its diet before weight becomes a problem. Helping your pet live a healthier life will not only benefit them now but also in the long run. The extra pounds on your pup could strain its joints and muscles, not to mention its heart. To prevent that, keep an eye on your pet’s weight and switch to leaner meal options for your dog or cat. The best way to trim fat the off your pet, do more of what you already do: walk your dog. As pet sitters and dog walkers, we know the advantages of brisk dog walking—more weight control, fewer behavior problems and more. Along with that, you’ll bond more with your dog and enjoy the fresh outdoors. On another note, technology is out and is ready to aid you in monitoring your dog because sometimes you won’t be near your dog. If you’re having trouble monitoring your dog’s intake, you may want to consider getting an Obe Probowl to monitor your pet ‘s food intake for you! There’s also the Dog Monitor App that can aid you in monitoring your dog in many more ways!

Make Your Home Pet-Friendly

Just like cleaning up around your home, somehow, things get messy again. As you’re living your busy life, you may become less picky about keeping your house in order. Luckily, a little tidying up before the year goes on, especially with your pet in mind, can improve your life and make living at home more relaxed. If you have a two-story home, shielding pups and kittens from the staircase with a gate will keep them safe. Other precautions to take are to place food your pet can’t eat, wires, and objects your pet would likely knock down out of reach. Having items in its place will make your home organized for you and an open area free to play with your pets.

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Call A Pet Sitter

Last but not least, consider whom you entrust with your pet’s care when you’re out of town. You may do all that you can when you have your furry friend, but when a friend or neighbor takes over for duty, it might not be up to the same standard you have. Take the guesswork out of it and leave your dog with a trusted pet sitter. The extra care and know-how we provide will make maintaining your pet’s routine a breeze. Your pet won’t be alone to take care of itself for days at a time; scheduled check-ins and dog walking will comfort your dog and ease your mind, knowing your furry friend is being watched. Just like how your dog is there for you sometimes as an emotional support animal, you may want someone to be there for your dog while you’re away.

While you’re making time to go to the gym more or cooking up leaner dinners, also set aside time to give your dog some extra love and care. Whether that’s walking your dog or letting someone else watch your dog while you’re away, we hope this year’s off to a great start for you and your pets.

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