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Medications Used to Treat Dog Aggression and Negative Behavior

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Aggression and negative behavior in canines can be managed through the use of prescription medication. Vets usually assess the situation for dogs and try to determine the root causes before recommending the right medications to use. Sometimes, addressing the cause of the negative behavior, especially aggression, could solve the problem.

If your pet has changed its behavior or become very aggressive all of a sudden, there is a lot that you should know especially when it comes to knowing what medication is best for your dog. First, it is worth knowing that all medication used for this purpose affects the brain, which tells the animals what to do. The aim is to calm the dog by altering neurotransmitters and generally how the cells send messages to all the body areas.

Stress Relief Drugs

Dogs that are stressed or exposed to fear might become aggressive in an attempt to protect themselves. Further, dogs can be extremely anxious at times, and this too can affect their behavior. When dogs are being trained, they are exposed to various changes that sometimes take a toll on them especially if the trainers do not pick up on the difficulties the dogs are having with the changes.

Various medications that fights stress and anxiety such as the ones on this page tend to help dogs to relax and cease to have a neurotransmitter imbalance. Others include propranolol, fluoxetine, and sertraline to mention a few.

Behavior Modification Drugs

Dogs can have the “over threshold” effect, as their trainers call it. This is a situation where they become very reactive when they are exposed to different conditions. Their fight instincts will be triggered, and they will become very aggressive in any situation that seems to provoke them.

Drugs like fluoxetine and sertraline can also be used in this case because they affect the brain. However, it is up to the vet to decide which other behavioral therapy to use.

Is a Sedative Necessary

Many dog owners are scared that their pets will be sleepy at all times when they are exposed to some of these medications, especially sedatives. The biggest concern is whether sedatives are helpful or harmful to the dogs.

Drugs that cause sedation are not recommended to be used frequently. However, sedatives for traveling cannot be avoided because this is the only way to calm a dog’s behavior in this situation. Likewise, dogs are sometimes given such drugs before the owners depart from them to prevent the dogs from becoming aggressive towards caretakers.

Assessing Your Options

Sometimes, these medications for dogs are not required. When the cause is known, the elimination of the root cause is necessary. You might be surprised that this cools down the dogs. Sometimes, all your dog needs is a change of environment, conditions, or even diet.The main problem with the medications we have discussed above is that they might have negative side effects for the dogs such as poor eating habits and inactivity. In extreme cases, their memory could be affected. So, only administer the aggression and behavior change medications for dogs when necessary and cautiously.

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