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4 Benefits That CBD Oil Gives To Dogs

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No one likes to get older, but we all go that way. And no matter how hard it is for you to accept, your furry friend also does. Aging is a natural process for every living animal, but seeing your little pup turning into an old dog that prefers lying over playing with you is hard. Although you can’t do anything against the laws of nature, you can help your pet age more easily by supporting healthy aging.

According to the claims of pet owners, the best way to do this is by using CBD oil. Although humans were the first to use CBD oil by taking it as pills, oils, or vaping it through a weed pen, now pets can use it, too. So, if you are thinking about whether or not to give it to your dog, here are the top 4 health benefits that will help you make the right decision.

  1. Reduces Inflammation and Pain

Inflammation is a common health issue in senior dogs. It’s mostly found in dogs that suffer from osteoarthritis. Due to the bone density loss and dog’s weight, their joints get inflamed, thus causing pain. Although there are particular painkillers, they can damage your dog’s kidneys, liver, and the gastrointestinal tract.

CBD oil, on the other hand, is safe to use and doesn’t harm your dog. Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, it helps reduce the inflammation in their joints. In that way, it reduces joint pain, too. Nonetheless, it should be considered as a cure for osteoarthritis or any other disease because it’s not. CBD oil only helps relieve their symptoms.

  1. Improves Mobility

Older dogs have problems with their mobility which is caused by their weaker bones, muscles, or some health condition, such as arthritis (including osteoarthritis). Due to not being able to move much, they prefer lying instead of playing, which pet owners find very hard to accept. Fortunately, CBD oil can help improve your dog’s mobility. According to a study, giving 2 mg of CBD oil twice a day improved dogs’ mobility. The reason why it improves mobility is that it reduces inflammation and pain, which are the main factors for decreased mobility.

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  1. Reduces Nausea and Increases Appetite

Older dogs tend to suffer from nausea which reflects their wellbeing and appetite. And, that worsens their health condition even more. It’s because by consuming food, dogs receive all the nutrients they need to stay strong and healthy. Hence, not eating enough additionally weakens their bodies.

CBD oil can help your dog feel better because it suppresses nausea and increases its appetite. It does that by triggering the feeling of hunger. At the same time, it reduces the feeling of sickness and prevents vomiting the food.

  1. Reduces Anxiety

Yes, it’s true, dogs can also suffer from anxiety, just like people do. They can also get scared, stress, and depressed. There are many reasons that can cause those conditions, such as fireworks, loud noises, separation, phobia, or general anxiety.

And, that affects their mental health but also their overall wellbeing. It’s because anxiety and similar mental conditions, can negatively affect the dog’s mood, appetite, playfulness, and make it sad. We know that seeing your furry friend sad, stressed, and anxious is heartbreaking. That’s why you should find a way to reduce those conditions and improve their mood.

One of the ways to do that is by giving CBD oil to your dog. It will help reduce its anxiety by altering the work of the endocannabinoid receptors in its body. It is believed that it activates the chemical transmission between receptors to make the dog feel calm.

What CBD Oil Products for Dogs are There?

When choosing a CBD oil for your dog, you should decide upon the type of CBD product. Due to the great expansion of CBD oil for dogs, companies have created different types of products. Currently, there are 4 types, including:

  • Dog treats – These products look just like regular dog treats, but contain CBD. That’s why they are the easiest way to give CBD oil to your dog.
  • Tinctures – This type of CBD product comes packed in a bottle with a dropper. You can give this product to your dog using the dropper to give a certain number of drops to your dog. Alternatively, you can add drops to its meals.
  • Capsules – These products are similar to the other pills you give to your dog. Due to being small, they are very easy to hide in your dog’s food. Alternatively, you can open them and mix the content (powder) with water or spread it over their food.
  • Topical creams/gels/sprays – these products are directly applied to the dog’s body and rubbed into their coat or paws.

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