What You Should Know About CBD For Pets In 2020-2

CBD In 2020: What You May Want To Know

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As a dog owner, you can benefit from having your dog take CBD as a nutritional boost; and also,as a remedy for disease. Cannabidiol is not just a mid-level alternative therapy, it has a larger impact on physiology than many other natural extracts. 

What Can It Do for Your Pets?

As mentioned, it can work as a supplement for enhancing organ function and immune response, which are good enough reasons to give it to your dog; by more than that, CBD can act as a medicine for multiple ailments affecting dogs.

So which conditions do we mean?

  • Skin disorders
  • Cancer
  • Neurological disorders
  • Irritation
  • Anxiety
  • Inflammation
  • Pain
  • Irritable bowel
  • Appetite
  • Mood

Many more conditions may be managed safely with CBD by allowing cannabidiol to stimulate the endocannabinoid system to work adjust the dog’s physiology for optimum functioning. Ultimately, you want perfect homeostasis for any animal for the sake of improving organ function, and also for the sake of keeping your dog happy and energized.

CBD is particularly useful for things like reducing stress during a thunderstorm, or maybe when taking the dog to a stressful environment such as out in public or even maybe to the veterinary’s.

What type of CBD should I give my dog? 

As a general rule, don’t give animals anything with THC in it, such as marijuana, or other therapies that might have the psychoactive compound as one of the ingredients. THC is sometimes used in CBD extracts as a way to provide a stronger dose of cannabinoids that possibly targets a bigger area of animal as well as human physiology.

CBD pet products that have THC in them (which by the way, comes from marijuana) may very well provide relief faster and for a longer period than pure CBD, but by feeding them to your dog, you run the risk of causing severe stress and anxiety to the animal. 

The reason is because THC pretty much does the opposite of what CBD does: so instead of calming nerves and relaxing a jumpy dog, it exacerbates stress and paranoia. It’s the same thing that happens with some people when they take marijuana, but is more acute for dogs because unlike us, they respond to THC more strongly. So while a drag off a joint won’t cause you to feel very weird or anxious, giving your dog just a little THC will have more of an pact. Use products that have CBD alone, or ones that combine CBD with additional cannabinoids such as CBG but make sure they don’t contain THC. 

How to Use It?

Since there are multiple uses and for CBD one simple way to go about it is to add CBD oil to food for nutrition; in which case you’re just looking to keep your dog calm and relaxed. Let’s also mention that CBD strengthens the immune system to ward off diseases, or heal quicker, in case of infection.So by feeding it to your dog, you may prevent a future illness. 

Another way that you can use CBD on your dog is by using it to treat an emerging ailment such an injury, pain, or an issue to do with digestion. Dogs can have problems with irritable bowel, and it tends to cause great distress if not handled quickly. Cannabidiol’s anti-inflammatory action may reduce some of that discomfort while allowing your dog to eat and digest as normal. Pain is also reduced in such cases, allowing dogs more time to run around and engage people. 

How Do I Find High-Quality CBD Oil?

Buy from brands that have good reputation for selling CBD products for pets and dogs in particular. It may be hard at first to choose a company or brand, so maybe start by doing some research on select brands, and then go with products that have the best ratings by real, normal dog owners. 

You will find lots of CBD dog treats with different ingredients and flavors to pick from. –Try buying a few different dog snacks to see which ones your dog likes. For cases like skin infections in dogs, see that you find CBD oil for dogs, and apply it directly oradd  itto the water when washing your dog. 

While scrolling around on CBD websites you may come across these top CBD oils for dogs: 

Best CBD Oil for Pets:

  • Honest Paws Pet CBD Oil
  • NuLeaf Naturals Full Spectrum Pet CBD Oil
  • Sabaidee CBD Pet Pack
  • KarmaPets Vegan CBD Calming Treats
  • KingKanine King Kalm 300mg

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