CBD Oil for Dogs and Cats: Just How Important is This for your Furry Friends?

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Here is an interesting trivia: did you know that in the US alone, American pet owners spend a staggering $62 billion for their pets every year? For the most part, prescription drugs and expensive veterinary bills take a considerable part of the billion-dollar pet industry. It’s no wonder why more and more pet owners today start to turn to natural healing methods like the CBD oil for dogs and cats

There are several ways that CBD helps your pet cats and dogs. It can help minimize common pet conditions like pain and anxiety. CBD can also help lessen chronic diseases like seizures and arthritis. 

What is CBD

CBD, an acronym for cannabidiol, is a type of cannabinoid found in cannabis plants. This non-toxic and natural compound has no psychoactive properties and is said to have natural anti-inflammatory components to relieve pain effectively.

CBD is used in an oil form and is usually used by ingesting it, topically rubbing it on the skin, or adding it to food. The thought of CBD oil for dogs and cats may seem a little crazy at first. But a lot of people have turned to CBD to help them with their pets. Here are the CBD oil benefits for your pets that can help you deal with your pet’s everyday health problems like anxiety, seizure, arthritis, and cardiovascular diseases.

CBD is anti-inflammatory

This is the primary benefit of CBD oil for pets. The oil can help prevent inflammations by deterring the reabsorption of a neurotransmitter called adenosine. This can help the receptor in regulating the inflammation.

CBD activates the TRV-1 receptor as well. This is proven to significantly reduce inflammations and pains, therefore alleviating common health issues in pets like skin allergies, arthritis, cardiovascular disease, and IBD.

CBD can help relieve pain

A lot of studies stands proof to the effectiveness of CBD for pain relief. Because inflammation is the leading source of pain, CBD is effective in promoting healing by reducing the inflammation first. Additionally, CBD interacts with the opioid receptors, the ones that regulate pain, and the dopamine receptors, those that balance pleasure. 

CBD can help lessen anxiety

The most common use of CBD oil for cats and dogs is to help these pets minimize their stress. Some animal studies have proven that CBD has antidepressant effects that help boost serotonin signaling through the 5-HT1A receptor. When serotonin signaling is increased, the brain then aids in reducing anxiety and helping improve mood. 

This is particularly helpful both for dogs and cats since they suffer from various types of behavioral anxiety-like aggression and separation anxiety. These pets are regularly exposed to daily situations that can make them feel anxious like doorbell rings, the presence of intruders, being left home alone, sudden loud noises, and thunderstorms. 

CBD can help prevent epilepsy and seizures

Like humans, pets are also prone to epilepsy and seizures. This is caused by brain cancer, kidney failure, electrolyte deficiency, head injuries, anemia, genetic problems, stroke, and more. Seizures happen when neurons are misfired in the brain. This then results in increased frequency in the brain, and when left untreated, can result in permanent brain damage. 

These are the several benefits you get when you give CBD oil for dogs and cats. But keep in mind that CBD is categorized as a nutritional supplement; thus, it is not meant to treat and diagnose any disease.

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