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Can Pet CBD Oil Be Taken by Humans?

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One of the products grabbing attention all over the world is cannabinoid oil, also referred to as CBD oil. This oil is derived from marijuana or other species of cannabis plants and thus the name “cannabinoid.” Cannabis plants have been known for their medicinal properties for decades; this CBD oil is also rich in such properties. And you know what the best part is? It is the fact that this oil is beneficial for humans as well as animals. You might be wondering why and if humans can consume oil recommended for the pets. Don’t worry; this detailed article will answer all your queries.

What is the use of CBD oil?

The oil works on the endocannabinoid system (ECD system) of humans and other animals. ECD system helps in regulating various processes in the body. It helps to maintain homeostasis in humans. CBD oil interacts with cannabinoid receptors in the ECD system that are present in abundance in our body. CBD oil helps in regulating and modulating the levels of various chemicals and hormones that help in achieving homeostasis.

Health Benefits of CBD oil in humans and pets

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As CBD oil can interact with multiple receptors, it has the following health benefits in mammals:

  • The oil can help in relieving stress and anxiety by regulating the levels of hormones.
  • It is also beneficial in reducing joint pain back pain and other such muscular pain in the body.
  • Research has shown that CBD oil is also helpful in easing the joint pain caused due to arthritis and also helps with the symptoms of cancer.
  • CBD oil can help with eating disorders and nausea by regulating all the chemicals in the body.
  • Many brands have introduced this drug as a pain relief for heavy menstrual cramps.

Can humans consume pet CBD oil?

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So to answer this burning question, I would say Yes, you can use a pet CBD oil. But due to the stringent rules and regulations of the FDA, a drug cannot be labeled for both humans and animals. Also, the pet oil should be of human-grade without any adulteration.

A lot of people also ask if they can feed their dogs with human CBD oil, the answer to it is yes. Although there is no significant difference between the oils, the dosage for humans is more concentrated as compared to the pet oils. It should be perhaps noted that this human oil might not be suitable for small pets due to the high dosage. A pet owner can try their pet’s oil themselves as the dosage is not that concentrated and it won’t harm them either.

Many CBD products are available in the form of capsules and treats for both animals and humans. Many companies make different oils for pets and humans, whereas there are a bunch of brands that make their human CBD oils pet-friendly. So you and your pet can actually try this oil together.

Difference between the human and pet CBD oil

There is essentially no difference between the oils manufactured for humans and pets. The oil is derived from hemp in many states, as marijuana is illegal. Make sure to check the source of the oil before making the purchase. The oil that is specifically made for the pets have additional flavors to make it appealing for animals. This might not taste delectable for humans and it is totally safe for them. Flavors such as bacon, fish, etc are commonly added to such oils meant for pets.

Recommended dosage of the oil for humans

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The dosage of any drug is calculated on the basis of the bodyweight People who weigh more need more dosage. However, many professionals recommend starting with a regular dosage and then increase it gradually.

0.25mg of oil for every 1 pound of body weight is the dosage prescribed by the vets and doctors. So for someone who is weighing 150 pounds, the dosage of the oil will be between 35mg to 40mg. You can easily calculate the dose by multiplying 0.25 into the body weight in pounds. CBD oil doesn’t show any side effects if taken in moderate dosages. The higher dosage of the oil is linked with diarrhea in humans and loose stools in dogs. So be careful while you are increasing the dosage and allow your body to show some effects of the increased dosage.

Administration of CBD oils to pets

The oil can be fed to the pets directly with their food. You can also mix it with water or treats so that your pet can easily.

Concluding Remarks Pet CBD oil is safe for humans and vice versa. However, some professionals advise buying separate bottles to avoid issues. The pet CBD oil might not taste appetizing and one might require to take a high dosage for the same. If you are skeptical about the results of oil, then you can try your pet’s oil and then proceed with buying the human grade oil. CBD oil is a blessing in disguise for the people suffering from chronic back pain, arthritis and, other such diseases.

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