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Top 7 Tips about Pet CBD Oil

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Cannabis has gained a lot of popularity around the world for a variety of reasons. The herd of cannabis enthusiasts doesn’t just include humans per se, but also the animal kingdom. So much so that besides the availability of CBD oil for dogs, you can now also readily find CBD oil for cats on the market. One of the essential components of cannabis is CBD or cannabidiol. However, in today’s world, the diet of domestic animals inclusive of cannabis in the form of CBD extracts are not far away in the future. 

Nowadays, many companies have made cannabis readily available through a variety of products such as CBD oils, and other cannabis-infused edibles. 

The most loved companion of a human being, the dog, has quite a few interesting facts about its relationship with cannabis. Some vets might even recommend CBD oil for your canine for its merits. Studies suggest that cannabidiol has shown enormous and novel potential to treat various ailments in dogs. But it then becomes counter-intuitive thinking about your dog under the dosage of cannabis. Well, other than being a veterinary or a trained medical expert in cannabis associated products, one would not know what effect cannabis could have on your innocent canines. No pet owner would like to give something to their dog without having a proper background about its effects. 

To answer that, here is a list of a few interesting facts that you might want to know before your dog consumes cannabis.

Benefits of CBD for dogs

According to the report by American Kennel Club, CBD oil despite there being no concrete research indicates that the cannabinoids in CBD oil interact with the endocannabinoid receptors of the dogs. These receptors are located in the central and the peripheral nervous system and functions to maintain homeostasis in the body. CBD helps in keeping your pet healthy and helps boost immunity. There is some evidence suggesting that CBD oil can relieve pain and inflammation and can control seizures. 

No, your pet won’t get high on CBD.

CBD or cannabidiol does not have psychoactive effects on humans and, in a similar way, does not give a high feeling to dogs under the prescribed level. CBD oil and its extracts can calm the dog and help ease anxiety. Although dogs can be sensitive when it comes to CBD and its consumption, with the right dosage, CBD can help them cope with stress and anxiety and can lead to a higher life span. 

Effects of cannabis on your dog

One has to understand the fact that cannabis has different effects on dogs of varying ages, sizes, and breeds.  This effect is so distinctive that even dogs with just a month of an age difference could react differently to the same dosage of cannabis. Due to this, it is complicated to understand how cannabis reacts with the dog’s body, as one might not be able to predict until the time the dog is under the influence of CBD. One might need to research and consult a doctor beforehand. Generally, dogs can tolerate CBD oil containing not more than 0.3% concentration of THC. However, if you want to be extremely cautious and don’t want to administer even the tiniest amount of THC to your pet, you can opt for CBD isolates.  

Under the recommended dosage, CBD can have a calming effect making the dog anxious free. 

Potential downsides of giving cannabis to dogs

Health-wise dogs can have some adverse effects if not handled with care. CBD is a very potent drug and can cause breathing and respiratory problems or can cause temporary abnormal blood pressure as well. It also leads to loss of balance and irregular heart cycles and rhythms and urinary inconsistencies. Cannabis can make dogs lazy and lethargic, as well. It is very much essential to know how the dog replies to varied dosage levels of CBD. 

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Does the usage of cannabis make it bad for the dogs?

There have been instances where CBD oil has made the dogs calmer and helped them live a long and healthy life. However, due to the increasing illegal availability of cannabis, testing of CBD has majorly been limited to animals, in specific, mice. Due to which there have been decidedly less conclusive studies that have given a green or a red signal. However, a lot of insight could be derived from the studies that have recently been going on. One such research has worked on the effects of CBD on dogs with arthritis and diseases like epilepsy. 

Always administer cannabis under medical supervision.

With an unclear effect of cannabis in dogs, it could be more of a qualitative guess and a risk for giving cannabis to dogs. However, many vets have recommended cannabis as a suitable prescription and also many food items that include CBD as their active ingredient. But because cannabis could have very different effects on different types of dogs, it is uncertain about how such a generic approach could help benefit the dog. Despite all this, cannabis has shown promise by giving positives to the dogs for its growth. It can offer pain relief and also help treat cancer, but these claims are yet to be proven. 

Should Self-treatment with CBD oil be allowed?  


One might need to research and consult a doctor beforehand. Many firms and corporations make personalized CBD oils and products suitable for a common breed or a typical age. However, it is recommended that a medical insight on the requirement of cannabis is taken. 

One thing is clear that cannabis has its pros and cons based on the dosage and the breed and size of the dogs. The well being of the dog should be the priority. If cannabis or its derived products is suitable for the dog as prescribed by a medical officer, then it very much recommended going ahead with careful administering. In the end, keeping your pet safe and happy is the primary goal.  

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