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A Complete Guide to Giving Pets Kratom

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In recent years, people have shifted significantly towards herbal and natural forms of remedies. Much of it is because of the minimal side-effects and broad set of benefits. Many users would quote these natural alternatives as cheaper options, while others would testify them to be recreational. 

If we go back into history and also observe the present scenario in South Asian countries, we’ll come across many natives that still consume kratom by chewing its leaves. These natives believe that kratom can help in alleviating pain and symptoms that lead to other ailments. While the world is inching close to adapting a holistic health approach, a herbal substance like kratom is gaining considerable light and ground. Many people across the globe buy kratom for their pets, but are they safe? Does the plant-based substance work for pets as well? You might be getting hit with a lot of questions like this, but the truth to these doubts is that kratom can help your dogs the same way as humans. 

To learn how does a herbal supplement benefit your dog, let us go through some of the factors that determine its safety and usefulness.

Importance of kratom’s ingredients

Kratom leaves comprise several chemicals, out of which some produce analgesic effects. However, ingredients that are responsible for many beneficial effects are mitragynine and 7-hydroxy mitragynine. These active ingredients can alleviate inflammation in dogs and can regulate muscle functioning in a dog’s body. Other ingredients like Pynantheine and Speciogynine can effectively work on a dog’s behavior, keeping him calm at all times.

Kratom for pets

Just like humans, dogs experience a lot of chronic ailments that need to be addressed. They commonly face problems like excessive inflammation, hip dysplasia, etc. Such issues can further lead to stressful thinking and anxiousness. As a result, this herbal supplement can help in alleviating inflammation with its anti-inflammatory properties. A review done on kratom found that the herbal substance is not toxic for dogs. However, before planning to give a regular dose of kratom to your pets, take your vet’s word on the same.

Benefits of Kratom for dogs

While there is ample research and studies to refer to, it is quite essential to know some of the benefits that might be vital for your pets.

1.   Kratom can help in treating anxiety.

One of the most significant factors behind making a dog feel low or away from his natural behavior is anxiety. There are many types of strains that can stimulate and strengthen the condition of your dog. While red Bali kratom offers quite the aroma, Maeng Da kratom can energize the dog with pain-killing effects. One of the studies shows that active ingredient, mitragynine, helps in communicating and binding with the opioid receptors of the brain that is responsible for the pain perception. Such a process helps in alleviating pain that the dogs usually experience.

2.   Kratom can help in treating arthritis.

Arthritis can make a dog lethargic and sway him away from his natural behavior. Kratom helps in managing chronic pain, arthritis, and fibromyalgia. You can even go through some of the owners’ testimonials to stay on the safe side.

3.   Kratom can help in treating seizures.

A lot of dogs suffer from epilepsy and seizures, which can be daunting at times, for your pets. Incorporating kratom into their meals with the correct dose can help in treating seizures and keeping their physical well being intact.

Consult vets and take their word on kratom.

What if you initiate the doses without any professional consultation, and your dog falls in the pit of side-effects? At times, a lack of information can also lead to harmful and adverse effects for your dogs to suffer. 

While consulting your doctor, another vital point to consider is the blend with which you can serve or incorporate kratom. A veterinarian would clear such doubts and give you a word on how much should be fed and how to feed the supplement.

Keep the dosage under check.

Being a pet owner, it is difficult to trust an alternative source of medicine easily. And, that too when you are not sure about the dosage that needs to be administered into your pet’s meals. Many pet owners divide the prescriptions based on a dog’s size. While the doses of smaller dogs will vary a bit, bigger ones might require a fraction more. 

Human beings tend to take a standard dosage of 8-11mg for kratom to work efficiently and effectively within the system. However, you can opt for 3-4mg for your bigger dog. Also, make sure that you do not start with higher doses in the first go. Introduce your four-legged friend slowly to such a herbal substance. You can check out Big Bear Kratom Canada to get the best deals on it and get the best out of it.

The bottom line

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With kratom’s rich history, people have considerably incorporated the substance into their pets’ lifestyle to treat ailments like arthritis, anxiety, depression, and so much more. If you are planning to get this plant-based supplement for your dog, go through the mentioned pointers in order to learn more about how kratom affects your pets.


  1. I’ve taken kratom for 4 years. Can anyone advise how much to give a 27 1/2 lb dog for tooth pain? 1/2 a gram? 1 gram? He’s under vet care trying to get the infection under control before subjecting him to anesthesia. One tooth, but it’s a fang.

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