Can CBD Be Used On Pets?

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Pot for emotional support animals, cannabis for cats, marijuana for man’s best friend – giving pot to pets is a growing trend within the marijuana community. But people are not providing this green grass to their furry creatures for the reasons you might expect. And no, you are not going to get approval to rip a bong and blow the smoke into your dog’s ears – that is not what we mean. That is just cruel because there is more to leaf than just the high. Here’s the brief breakdown of what want to tell.

What is CBD and what are its effects?

Cannabis contains over 100 chemicals called cannabinoids and you may have heard of them before. Two of the more frequently talked about chemicals are THC, the psychoactive ingredient in weeds that gets you high, and CBD, which creates the therapeutic benefits of marijuana. Studies show that cannabinoids like CBD can have anti-inflammatory effects and can help with pain, tumors, seizures, muscle spasms, skin conditions, anxiety, and aggression. And these effects are not just limited to us – humans.

Canna-products for Pets

Companies like Canna Companion, Canna-Pet, and Treatibles have developed edible hemp products tailored to animals. They contain CBD and of less than 0.3% THC in their makeup. That means that your pets can’t get high from these products but it can make them feel really good and help them relax. And while there are countless reports of pets experiencing relief from their ailments after using hemp products, the FDA still has not yet approved cannabis use for pets.

What does the law say?

One major reason is that there has been little research showing its effectiveness. The reason why? Scientists and veterinarians have not been able to study marijuana and its benefits freely under the law. However, some states are fighting to pass bills that would legalize CBD for animals to some degree and while some have legalized the weed (cherry kush strain) for recreational purposes as well. Senator Tick Segerblom worked on a bill to allow the issuing of medical marijuana cards for pets with certain illnesses. Unfortunately, that bill did not pass but the good news is thanks to the agricultural act of 2014 that President Obama signed, states have been able to cultivate hemp for commercial or research reasons.

Another bill that was on the table introduced way back in 2015, is the Industrial Hemp Farming Act presented by a bipartisan group of US Senators which passed in 2018 as the Industrial Hemp Farming Act 2018. This bill would allow American farmers to grow and produce industrial hemp. It has also removed hemp from the Schedule I controlled substances list as long as it contains no more than 0.3% THC, meaning CBD treatments our pets will be super active pet lovers as well as CBD treatment for you.

Final Words…

CBD is beneficial and it can have positive impacts on the health of pets so it can be considered suitable for pets. The hemp or cannabis plant has multiple significant supplements that are good for the human body as well as pets. They don’t contain adverse effects. But it is advised to start the minimum dosage. More research in the future will determine the effects of CBD on animals and man.

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