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Don’t Buy Into These “Trends” About CBD Oil For Pets

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Pet owners from all over the globe often treat their pets more like family than anything else. It’s only natural that they want to do whatever possible to make sure that their pets are healthy and happy. 

That has led to the use of many substances and dietary supplements designed to improve your pet’s overall health. CBD is one substance that is generating a lot of debates lately.

CBD oil for dogs

Medical CBD products are still new on the market, but there’s no doubt that they provide all kinds of health benefits for people and animals alike. Since most people are not aware of CBD’s benefits, they often get misled by myths and false information. 

Instead of doing the research and discovering facts, they start pointing fingers saying that CBD is toxic and not safe for animals. So, before we get to those false “trends,” let’s check the facts first. 

What is CBD For Pets?

CBD is one of many cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. This compound is explicitly extracted from hemp, which has no psychoactive effects whatsoever. The psychoactive compound found in hemp is THC, which is responsible for producing that “high” feeling. CBD, on the other hand, doesn’t have those effects at all. 

CBD is now one of the most tested substances in the medical world because it shows incredible antioxidant, analgesic, and anti-inflammatory properties, which can help improve your pet’s help. The compound has the same effect on humans as well. You can get this from Vaporizerchief.

CBD for Pets Trends That Don’t Make Any Sense

There will always be those that don’t want to acknowledge the real benefits of CBD. The moment they hear that it comes from hemp, they start pointing fingers, claiming how it’s bad for dogs because it produces that “high” feeling. But that’s just one of many myths about CBD for pets right now. 

Here are some facts you can use to educate those that don’t know anything about CBD’s amazing properties.

Your Dog Will Get High

This is probably the first thing some people will tell you when you say that you want to give CBD to your dog. The compound comes from hemp, and it has zero psychoactive molecules, meaning that it simply doesn’t get you or your dog high.

Researches have also concluded that pets that use CBD have better sleep quality and more energy when they wake up.

CBD Can Overdose Dogs

Up to this point, CBD supplements haven’t killed a single pet anywhere. CBD is entirely harmless. Moreover, it provides all kinds of health benefits that will improve your dog’s quality of life. There is no chance that your dog could ever have any adverse effects from CBD.

CBD Will Make Your Dog Sleepy All The Time

When people learn that CBD comes from cannabis, they automatically think that your dogs will become sleepy and tired. Most people are unaware that CBD has no sedative properties that are usually tied to hemp or marijuana. 

CBD is one of over 140 compounds found in this plant, and THC is the only psychoactive element. 

CBD has a different effect. It promotes health and increases energy levels. That’s especially helpful if your pets suffer from various diseases, as it will help them relax and get the rest they need.

CBD Is Illegal

Again, CBD is often confused with marijuana, so people don’t know the difference between the two. CBD is extracted from special strains of hemp, and while marijuana is illegal, CBD is perfectly legal in many countries all over the globe. 

It’s one of the newest supplements with health benefits, and since it’s not psychoactive, there’s no reason to illegalize it. 

You Can Share CBD Products For Humans With Your Dog

Some people who know about the benefits of taking CBD think that they can share their own CBD oils with their pets. That’s a big no-no. The products for pets and humans are indeed very similar, but the difference is in the concentration. 

Since humans and dogs don’t have the same metabolism and weight, treating your dog with high doses of CBD is just madness. So, when looking for the best cannabis oil, people are not only far more potent, but they also have flavors your dog wouldn’t like much. 

All CBD Products Are Exactly The Same

If this were true, there wouldn’t be any special CBD products designed for animal use. These products have low doses of CBD, which is why they are cheaper than products designed for human use. So, if you don’t trust facts, the price tag should be all you need to know that not all CBD products are the same.

When Should You Actually Use CBD Oil For Dogs

CBD products are great as a preventive measure as they improve overall health and boost the immune system. You can add it to your dog’s diet at any time. Still, CBD is especially beneficial in case your dog suffers from anxiety, pain, nausea, loss of appetite, inflammation, and epilepsy.

So, instead of being scared of CBD products for animals, give them a try, and your pets will be grateful.

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