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The Best Way To Use CBD Oil For Pets

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Did you know that you can give CBD oil to your pets? In case you’ve missed this, it’s time to get up to date with how CBD can help your pet. Everything about CBD oil is true. Its incredible health benefits can help both humans and your furry friends. 

Now, the biggest challenge is to give CBD oil to your pet. Pets, especially dogs, aren’t too fond of the texture or taste of CBD oil. Fortunately, we have a friendly and short guide on how to trick your pet into taking CBD oil.

Make it an oil-treat mix!

Every pet has its favorite treat. Use this treat against them and mix CBD oil with it to trick your pet into taking it without thinking it through. Mix CBD oil with the treat to hide both the texture and taste of the product. Pick a treat with a strong flavor, something you know your pet adores. Chicken jerky or pet biscuits will do nicely.

Choose CBD oil brands that your pet will love!

CBD oil for pets is a huge market with thousands of high-quality brands. We recommend that you go with several different CBD products that your pet might like. While primarily being the same, every CBD oil product for pets has a different composition, texture, or flavor. 

The trick is to find the one that your pet will get along with like FormulaSwiss CBD oil from Switzerland. Some products include CBD oil-infused coconut oil, which most pets love. It’s even better if you take into consideration that coconut oil has many health benefits that will help boost the health and well-being of your pet.

Be direct 

Pets can be very spoiled and picky about their snacks. They also have a nose for noticing even the slightest change in their favorite treats. So, to avoid any troubles, we recommend that you be direct and apply CBD oil directly to their mouth by using either a spoon or a dropper. 

Even though this might seem hard and something that your pet won’t be thrilled with, it’s sometimes the most effective way to make sure your pet has received their fair share of CBD oil.

Mix CBD oil with your pet’s food

This is probably the most epic of all methods. Mix CBD oil with your pet’s favorite food, but make sure you bury it deep. Most pets won’t be able to resist cleaning their bowls. If they start eating, that’s it. So, add CBD oil to their daily ratios. 

This method is probably the best as your pet will get used to eating regular pet food instead of getting used to receiving treats all the time. This is one of the most effective ways to ensure your pet stays healthy.

Most pet foods, especially dry ones, are good at masking both the texture and taste of CBD oil. If you’re feeding cooked food to your pet, keep in mind that some foods don’t go well with CBD oil.

Make your own CBD oil-infused treats!

Many pet owners are well into making their own pet treats. However, adding CBD oil might turn out to be a challenge. You can’t bake them either, as that will make CBD oil evaporate. So, to address both issues, we recommend that you try no-bake treats, for starters.

You can also try baking treats but at lower temperatures. Be careful about the mix of water and CBD oil as you want your treats to have even amounts of CBD oil. 

You can always do some research and talk to professionals to get valuable insights into making your DIY treats, the best CBD oil products for pets, and more. Also, make sure that your CBD oil is THC-free as you don’t want your pet getting high and freaking out. 

Most popular products on the market are already well-tested and proven to be loved by a wide range of pets.

Mix CBD oil with water

While most CBD oil tinctures require typical usage under the tongue, some CBD oil products can be diluted in water. Your pet won’t even notice it, as most top-class CBD oils are almost odorless and tasteless. 

So, simply add some oil to your pet’s water and let them drink. The only thing that matters is to put the appropriate dosage as the whole point of using CBD oil for pets is to allow your furry friend to enjoy the full specter of CBD oil health benefits. 

We already mentioned that there is a wide variety of CBD oil products for pets. It’s merely a matter of time before you find a quality product that your pet will love. Try several different products until you achieve success.

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