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What Is CBD Like For Horses

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The consumption of CBD products is on the rise, not only in humans but also in pets. Where do horses fit in for CBD intake?

Many pet owners have turned to CBD products like CBD edibles, gummies for equine health owing to the failure of conventional products. The growing research on equine CBD verifies the possible effects of CBD on horses. CBD works for our hooved friends, from treating pain medication to seizures in the same way a prescribed drug works for humans and pets.

CBD Is Beneficial for Horse Health

Horses have their days of bad health. Fever, chronic pain, inflammation, stiffness are common ailments that affect our equine pals. They need a competent and immediate remedy to restore their health.

CBD is the best cure for these types of ailments in horses and supports equine health on parameters, such as digestion, appetite, metabolism, agility, insulin health, and their emotional state of mind. CBD improves upon stress and anxiety during their traveling for shows and captivity.

Horse-owners can manage the well-being and vigor of their horse breed with CBD Pellets. These are an excellent way to include hemp extract in the horse’s diet of bite-sized feed grains. Get CBD horse pellets for your feed store to maintain their optimal health. They are easy to store too.               

Do Horses Accept CBD?

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Like humans, horses have an endocannabinoid system (ECS) as well. It works as a regulatory system for better digestion, sleep, immunity, temperature, and more.

CBD is non-toxic for horses. Most of the research done on animals establish CBD as a safe product for consumption and application. Even in higher doses, CBD is well-tolerated by horses and poses no risk. There may be some odd cases of diarrhea or drowsiness in horses after high doses of CBD. Yet, such cases are mild and do not occur that frequently.

Dosage Guidelines of CBD in Horses

The potency of CBD is as significant in humans as in horses. When you are thinking how much of CBD to give to your farm-bred horse, keep in mind the following points – lower quantity and lesser dosage. The dosage interval in horses should be longer than that of other animal species.   

In horses, the dosage depends on their body weight. It takes about two weeks for the first set of results to show in horses, so patience is the key. A horse gets most energy from the food stored in its large intestine. Here is the ideal CBD dosage level in horses depending on their body weight:

  • Miniature horse: 25-50 milligram
  • Full-sized horses: 75-170 milligram
  • Large breeds of horses: 120-200 milligram        

What Kind of CBD is Good for Your Horse?  

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The market has different types of CBD products for your horse. Consult a veterinary doctor before deciding on the kind of CBD to administer to your horse, its dosage, and frequency. Tinctures, powder form, paste, sprays, balms, and salves are the most common methods of CBD administration for horses.    

Sublingual dispensation works well for horses. It is safe for the horse’s gut and gives a quick effect. CBD oils and pastes are usually dispensed using the sublingual method (under the horse’s tongue) for faster absorption. The right CBD dosage administered through the sublingual route takes about half an hour for any improvement to show in the horse’s health. The oral way takes its time to work after entering the digestive tract and may not offer your horse the same potency it does through the sublingual route. In case your horse likes an oral way of dispensation, then mix CBD powder and pellets in your horse feed. The horse should consume it on an empty stomach.           

Factors To Bear In Mind While Administering CBD To Horses                 

Before deciding on CBD products for your horse, take into account the following factors. They will help you make an authentic buy suitable for your horse breed:

  • Source of hemp: Does your CBD brand use pesticide-free hemp?
  • Quality and Safety Standards: Does the company put safety and dosage information on its CBD products? Are clinical trials or third-party testing done to assure its efficacy? Is the dosage level listed on the CBD product? Is the concentration level of CBD or THC mentioned? Is the source of carrier oil used for CBD suspension listed on the product label?       
  • Mission Statement of the Company: The company’s philosophy is an overview of the practices it teaches in the manufacturing of goods to ensure customer delight. Go through the company reviews posted on their websites before making a buy. Your horse may well admire the CBD product you have chosen for him. 

Precautions You Must Follow While Giving CBD to Horses        

A quality CBD product can fail with the wrong choice of dispensation method. Use a plastic oral syringe for horses. Avoid using glass droppers as they can always crack in your horse’s mouth, causing an injury.  

The CBD products you chose for your equine member should be of good quality. Make sure to read the ingredients of the CBD feed. Low-quality products and harmful additives can be dangerous for your horse.    

Final Thoughts

Research on CBD is a continual process. While more research is underway on horses, CBD’s benefits in treating health ailments in equine species are encouraging. Let us hope that more path-breaking studies present better ways of CBD inclusion in the horses’ diet.

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