How Much CBD Oil Should You Give To Your Dog?

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Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of more than 400 compounds in cannabis that boasts numerous medicinal properties. CBD owes its fame to its potent analgesic effects, making it an excellent natural remedy against pain. 

In addition to pain relief, CBD also contains anxiolytic, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and antispasmodic properties.  

The good news is that cannabidiol is just as effective for our canine friends as it is for us. Likepeople, dogs can benefit from the therapeutic effects of CBD if the substance is administered in the right amounts. 

Read on for an insightful guide on how much CBD to offer your dog. 

How Does CBD Oil Work?

Before you offer CBD l oil to your canine friend,  begin by understanding how the substance works. 

Primarily, CBD interacts with your dog’s body as it impacts the activity of the  endocannabinoid system. The endocannabinoid system is a cell-signaling mechanism that’s present in the body of all animals. 

The system regulates your dog’s homeostatic balance. Some of its core functions include pain relief, alleviation of inflammation, anxiety relief, etc. 

So, in essence, the endocannabinoid system plays a significant role in boosting your dog’s immunity. 

To perform effectively, the endocannabinoid system relies on the body’s cannabinoids, known as endogenous cannabinoids. The system consists of endocannabinoid receptors and a series of hormones.

Giving your dog CBD oil is akin to supercharging its endocannabinoid system. As a result, the dog can recover much faster from certain diseases that CBD generally treats. However, for a dog with an already compromised immunity, CBD oil might not work. 

It’s prudent to consult your vet before incorporating CBD oil into your dog’s health and wellness routine. Your vet will examine the dog and determine whether giving it CBD oil is wise. 

After getting clearance from your vet, you’ll now need to invest in a CBD dosage calculator. This calculator will help you to determine the right amount to give your dog based on its characteristics.   

A Guide to CBD Oil Dosage For Dogs

If you’ve used CBD for some time now, you must already know that the substance has no ideal dose. Each user has a different amount to take. The same applies to dogs. It is key to ensure you have an understanding of owning a pet before considering CBD Oil for pets.

Since all dogs are unique, the amount of CBD that your neighbor’s dog consumes may not necessarily work for your pooch. Various factors come into play when it comes to CBD dosages. 

Some of these factors include:

  1. CBD Strength

CBD products come in various concentrations. Usually, the strength of cannabidiol in each product is determined in milligrams. 

Most products are available in CBD strengths of 125 mg, 250 mg, 500 mg, 750 mg, and 1000 mg. The stronger the CBD concentration in a product, the lower the amount you should offer your dog. 

  1. Age and Body Weight

Age and body weight significantly affect CBD’s potency. The conventional rule is that the older and heavier a dog is, the higher the amount of CBD it can consume. 

However, very old and obese dogs are an exception to this rule. That’s because their immune system is likely too suppressed to process high quantities of CBD. 

Generally, a typical healthy adult dog weighing around 60 pounds will require around five teaspoons of 500 mg CBD oil per day. That’s in contrast to a 15-pound dog that might do with just one tablespoon of CBD of a similar strength per day.  

  1. Mode of Administration

There are different ways to administer CBD  to your dog. You can drip a few drops of CBD oil underneath its tongue or have it swallow them. 

You can also consider CBD-enriched pills. However, the most convenient way to get dogs to consume CBD is by investing in CBD-infused dog treats. 

Administering CBD oil to your dog sublingually delivers faster but short-lasting results. Conversely, CBD-infused edibles come with slower but long-lasting results. 

Most edibles tend to contain lower potency of CBD compared to CBD oil. That’s because the goal is to have the dog enjoy a  meal while seamlessly benefiting from CBD’s therapeutic properties. 

On the other hand, oil tinctures are primarily intended for their medicinal effects. As such, they contain higher strengths of CBD. 

As far as the administration method is concerned, a dog should typically consume more dog treats than the number of teaspoons of CBD oil.

  1. The Severity of a Medical Condition

This should be a no-brainer. A dog with a fractured bone experiences more excruciating pain than one with a mild backache, hence the canine deserves a higher dose of CBD. 

Similarly, a dog with a chronic inflammatory condition like arthritis is entitled to higher CBD doses than one with a painless lump on the skin.

  1. Sensitivity and Tolerance

Last but not least, the amount of CBD oil that you give to your dog depends on the animal’s sensitivity and tolerance to CBD. Some dogs are highly sensitive to CBD oil, which means that only a little amount will overwhelm their system. 

Other dogs have a high tolerance for the substance. For such canines,  you’ll need to experiment with higher doses of CBD oil. 

In most cases, sensitivity to CBD oil is an issue with beginners, whereas tolerance is standard among dogs that have been using it for more extended periods.

So, How Much CBD Should You Give to Your Dog?

As you may know by now, there’s no hard and fast rule on the amount of cannabidiol to give your canine friend. Instead, it depends on a wide range of factors. 

The conventional wisdom is to consult your vet before administering it to your dog. Even after getting the green light from your vet, start low, and increase the doses gradually. 

Most importantly, while CBD presents no overdose risks, it can still leave your dog with some side effects.

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