3 Best Surfing Accessories For Dogs You Should Know

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Surfing with your dog is a fantastic sport and whoever said you could only have fun with your dog on land never tried surfing with their dog in the first place. While some dogs don’t want any part of it, others, on the other hand, absolutely love it.

Surfing as a whole is excellent for their balance and strength. It is super fun to watch, and it is also a perfect workout for both dogs and their owners. Your dog is already ready to try surfing if they are used to swimming. And if they are not, you may want them to get used to the waves first. Consider doing this by taking them out slowly, followed by throwing the ball for them and letting them get used to the water.  

Did you know there are gears available in the market that’s designed specifically for canines? First, let us look at some great recommendations regarding surf and paddle board carriers for dogs available in the market. Without further ado, let’s get started.

1.   Wavestorm Classic Longboard

The Wavestorm, a type of foam board, is a Classic Longboard advertised by several best surfboards for dogs. It has a curved surface that is comfortable for your furry buddies. When it comes to dimensions, it is a fit for all sizes. While a giant dog would be comfortable at an eight-foot length, a smaller canine could easily fit a six-foot board. Additionally, this board type is most affordable in terms of price.

The Wavestorm Classic Longboard features a solid EPS core with a three-stringer system. This excellent board is securable with a crosslink top deck and an HDPE slick bottom. Further, the Wavestorm decorates the entire length with horizontal lines to make it look more appealing, representing the motion and speed.

The Longboard packaging includes an ankle leash and a pair of removable fins. Additionally, this board comes with a spec of 86 liters in volume. So, to put it simply, you don’t have to hesitate to place your favorite Labrador or golden retriever up here.

In general, this product is one of the most affordable surfboards for all sizes of dogs that you can get on the market. Therefore, this will make an excellent choice for you if you don’t plan on spending a lot on your dog’s surfing gear.

What do we love about Wavestorm Class Longboard?

It provides an affordable and reliable foam board.


  • It has an HDPE slick bottom
  • It has appealing graphics
  • Has 86 liters volume
  • Also has EPS core


It is susceptible to scratches and chews

2.   Paragon Surfboard Retro

The Paragon Surfboards Retro will be ideal for you and your dog to surf, thanks to its extra-long dimensions. This surfboard packs with a nozzle feature that’ll guarantee top performance on the water, and it has dimensions of 9x22x3 inches. In addition, the Paragon Surfboard includes a fin that will help you give your four-legged friend better control and acceleration. Meanwhile, the bottom glass job and gloss finish in the surfboard ensures that your favorite canine mate glides smoothly and effortlessly over the ocean without any substantial drag.

The Paragon Surfboards Retro is one of the best surfboards for dogs that won’t disappoint you at all in terms of construction. The surfboard comes with para-lite epoxy, a material that ensures extra durability and at the same time makes the board stronger yet lighter and more buoyant. 

Paragon Surfboards Retro applies to beginners, and it is a forgiving plank. This surfboard gives more propensities to provide balance instead of acceleration. This surfboard should be perfect for those planning to teach their dog to surf for the first time. Additionally, this board features a volume of 72 liters and can withstand up to 250lbs of loads. So, even the big boys like Labrador or Golden Retriever won’t have trouble hopping on to this one.

What do we love about Paragon Surfboard Retro?

It has a para-lite Epoxy material that provides for a light yet solid construction.


  • It has single bottom concave
  • It comes with a gloss finish
  • It also provides 50/50 rails
  • It is suitable for bigger dogs


The surfboard has less pace and acceleration

  • Goplus Super Bodyboard

If you are not sure if your dog is genuinely interested in exploring the world of water sports, then you should try getting hands-on, more affordable surfboards. For this reason, we recommend getting the Goplus Super Bodyboard for your four-legged furry pal.

Although a less expensive board, the Goplus Super Bodyboard is embedded with some cool features. The bodyboard comes with an EPS core crafted exceptionally to ensure durability, balance, and high buoyancy. In addition, this board can handle weight incredibly well so that your dog shouldn’t be afraid of getting wet. A soft and light IXPE deck is yet another addition to the bodyboard that makes it stronger. The bodyboard also comes with an HDPE slick bottom that provides more projection, speed and allows your pets to experience and enjoy one of the best wave-rides of their life.

What do we love about Goplus Super Bodyboard?

The bodyboard provides an additional IXPE deck which makes the board more stable and secure.


  • It is affordable
  • It has an EPS core
  • It also has an IXPE deck
  • It provides a 60/40 rail configuration


It is not suitable for heavier dogs


That is the list of the top best and highly recommended surfing accessories for your canine friend. We are sure you will have a happy surfing experience with your furry friend.

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