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3 Tips On How To Help Your Canine Sleep During Weekends

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All dog owners at some point learn that true morning peace and quiet is as rare as hen’s teeth. Few of us are able to get used to our canine pals robbing us of those precious sleep-in moments when desperately needed. Luckily, dogs are quite often creatures of habit. They get accustomed to a routine that we set, which means that there is a way to trick your pooch into sharing some extra time in bed with you on those free weekend mornings.

Tire him right before bedtime

This is a simple, yet very effective way to get a good night’s sleep for your four-legged friend. One of the common reasons why dogs wake up during the night is to go potty, so going for a long walk right before bedtime will make your dog empty the bladder for the night. 

What’s more, a tired dog is a well-behaved, satisfied dog. Exercising helps in endorphin release which regulate stress and anxietylevels. After a good run, your dog will feel happy and ready to curl up in his favorite nook. 

Depending on the breed and age, your dog will need more or less exercise during the day and will also show differences in their sleeping schedule. Make sure to understand your dog’s needs and breed characteristics to stay ahead of the game. There is an abundance of information online about pet care and training tips, like Totally Goldens website and other dog-related resources, which can help in figuring out what your dog’s behavior actually means. 

Make small but important adjustments to your dog’s feeding routine

Another simple reason why dogs are up bright and early is because they are hungry. On top of that, owners tend to feed their pets right upon waking up, which basically sends the message to your dog: “ I’m awake, now you eat”. 

Firstly, try changing your pup’s breakfast time on weekends by shifting it at least half an hour later. This way they’ll learn to understand that just because you are out of bed it doesn’t mean they’re getting fed and, possibly, not feel the need to wake you up.

What’s more, increasing the time span between your pet’s last meal and bathroom time will make sure they’re all set for a calm sleep. If you push your dog’s meal time for 15 minutes every couple of days it can reduce hunger early in the morning. Making a one-hour shift forward in the feeding schedule can make a huge difference in your dog’s sleeping and waking-up routine.

Finally,  high-quality diets are more digestible, which reduces fecal output and means morezz time to stay in bed and avoid early-morning urgency. Make sure to feed your dog richly and properly to ensure healthy sleeping habits.

Be The Teacher -It’s all about the proper discipline

We’ve already established that dogs react well to repetition and habit. The more time and effort you dedicate into properly training your dog, the stronger and better your communication will become. Like babies, dogs will push your boundaries as long and as far as you let them. Their canine instinct tells them to repeat and follow actions that prove to be successful and safe, so think twice before you give in to their wining, barking and nuzzling.

It may be uncomfortable in the beginning, but just try ignoring your dog’s begging and soon they’ll realize it doesn’t work on you. What’s important to remember is that you’re the boss and you decide when it’s feeding time, or whether it’s time to go out. The same goes with sleeping in. Of course, it takes time for something to become a habit, so being persistent, firm and, above all, consistent in your actions will definitely give results. 

In the end, it all boils down to whether you’re willing to be patient and understanding with your furry friend. There are really few things that dogs cannot learn if trained and treated properly, so don’t give up on the idea of having peaceful weekend mornings if you’re dealing with a hyperactive, demanding dog. Implement the changes slowly and give your dog some time to adjust and it will be worth the effort.

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