The Top 4 Pets to Own While Living In a College Dorm Room

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Students have a lot of stressful situations. They happen against the background of the study, work, lack of friends. With a lack of friends, a pet can help you. However, it is often difficult to decide how to train a dog, fortunately, you can order persuasive speech on dog training from professionals. In this article, in turn, you will find the top 4 animals which are easiest to keep in the dorm room.

1. Fancy Rats

Some of these rodents are treated with caution. But as pets for the dorm room, they are pretty cute. There are a variety of colors, there are even hairless ones. It is better to get two same-sex rats, in the company it is easier for them to endure captivity.

Pros: Suitable for students who are often on the road. If you intend to leave for a few days, you can safely leave the animal in a cage. The main thing is that there should be enough water and food in it. If you often pick up the animal in your hands from its childhood, it will quickly become tame.

Cons: a specific smell. If you let it out of the cage, it will gnaw everything that gets in the way.

Where to settle: the cage should be at least 60 by 40 cm and at least 50 cm in height. It should have a house, shelves, ladders, tunnels so that the animal has where to climb.

What they eat: barley, oats, millet, wheat. You can give nuts and chicken bones to improve its teeth.

Varieties: tailless, rex, dumbo

, hairless, satin.

2. Hamsters

Watching this pet is a pleasure. It amusingly runs in a wheel, eats goodies with pleasure, and sleeps curled up.

Pros: quickly become attached to you and become tame.

Cons: too small, you need to ensure that the cage is locked. If it runs away, it’s hard to catch. You will need to bathe it and trim its claws. It leads a nocturnal lifestyle, sleeps during the day, and makes noise in the evening. It does not live long.

Where to settle: for dwarf breeds, the cage should be at least 30 by 50 cm, and for Syrian breeds, 40 by 60 cm. The cage should have a house and a wheel for running, you can put different steps to make it more interesting for the animal to run.

What they eat: hard cereals (wheat, oats, millet), in the form of goodies you can give seeds and nuts.

Varieties: the most common for the maintenance of the house are dwarf (Roborovsky and Dzungarian), Syrian.

3. Canary

This bird will likewise charm you with its resonant voice, remind you that there is someone else in the house, and not require a lot of care about yourself. You need to purchase a cage with a seat, a drinking bowl, and a tray. The base of the cage will serve as a toilet.  Taking care of winged animals can be adjusted to your bustling work routine.

lt is additionally recommended to let it fly at least once every week, so take it out to a room where you can not be worried about at least furnishings and gadgets with flat screens, so to avoid damage and harm to your belongings. lf you dread that the canary will wake you up with the first beams of the sun after hard working days, you should buy thick tissue and cover a cage with it for the night.

4. Land Tortoise

It is the land turtle that heads our top of the most unpretentious (in the event that you were given a waterfowl – everything is somewhat more difficult there). Having this undemanding little friend, be prepared for its half-year hibernation. Of the equipment, all the terrarium with an incandescent lamp, pebbles, and soil.

You can take care of with particular nourishment from the pet store or new vegetables from your table, of which, coincidentally, it will get water, however, it is recommended to put a drinker. Caring for it fits into the system of an all-out absence of time; one in seven days you have to clean the shell and legs with a delicate brush.

Closer to mid-autumn time, turn off the light in the terrarium, the turtle will hibernate, and in the middle of spring, turn it on gradually to wake up your turtle. Some of the time let it out from the terrarium for a stroll, because of the low speeds of its movement, you won’t have to watch it constantly.

Summing up

Pets always cheer up, especially in a dorm room. However, living in a dorm room, you need to choose an unpretentious animal. We have compiled for you a list of those animals that are easiest to care for and hope you choose someone for yourself.

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