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4 Unique Ways to Incorporate Your Dog In Weddings

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Attention dog parents: Here are some of the most adorable ways in which you can incorporate your dog into weddings. You can’t deny that your pooch is very special to you, and they play a very special role on the big day. 

Pro tip: Make sure you choose a venue where pets are allowed on the premises. Based on the personality of your dog, the venue, and your guests, the answer can be yes! Even before planning to incorporate your dog into weddings, do a gut check. Will it really be a good idea? If your dog is a little anxious and uncomfortable around a lot of people, then you might have to put some thoughts into consideration before it invites any trouble.  

As dog parents, you wouldn’t want them to be away when you say “I do.” From being your bridesmaid, accompanying the groomsmen, and being your ring bearer, your dog at weddings can just make your day extra special. These unique ideas are all the inspiration you’ll need if you are waiting to walk down the aisle with your beloved furry friend.

Get an Everlasting Memory Treasured

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portrait of a wedding

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As dog parents, the most difficult part of getting married is making the final call on whether you can bring your dog to weddings or not. Nothing beats having them close by during these special times in your life. Did you know that you could have them close even when they are not a part of the wedding festivities?

Yes, you heard that right! You can hire wedding portrait artists to paint them into your favorite wedding memory. The best thing about a painting is that it lasts forever, so you can cherish your favorite wedding memory with your furball for the rest of your life. 

Walk Down the Aisle Together

dog at a wedding
dog at a wedding

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Your dog is your ultimate furry companion who has been there for you throughout, so why not have them walk you down the aisle, too? If you have been planning for the day for a long time, then make sure to train your pooch by visiting the venue weeks in advance and rehearsing. 

Make sure you comfort them and let them know they are doing well, also, reward good behavior with a treat. You can dress them up with some cute canine props. But if you plan to doll them up a little bit, always make sure they are comfortable. They are one of the most special hoomans in your life, and definitely want to make sure they enjoy every bit of it.

Have a Non-Traditional Ring Bearer

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girls and a dog at a wedding

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Dogs make the best ring bearers because they can be trained really well with positive reinforcement. They can walk the cue and be really independent while following commands. Dogs can act differently when they are calm or excited, so always make sure that they are comfortable with a larger crowd. 

Many couples would want their dog to actually carry their rings to the altar for them. But I would personally suggest either tying fake rings on the collar or even letting them walk around all dressed up in a bowtie or floral collar to make an appearance. This is the best way you can include your doggo while still keeping the rings safe.

Dress Them Up For the D-Day

3 puppies at a wedding
3 puppies at a wedding

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Why not plan your pet’s outfit as you plan yours? Choose safe and comfy dog outfits that they can easily put on and take off. You can also make it a fun activity by letting your dog choose their outfit. Buy a few options, and once they make their pick, you can return the rest.

And as long as the outfit fits well and is comfortable, your dogs will mind the idea at all. Make sure your dog is dressed up and looking classy. My favorite way to dress up a dog for a wedding ceremony is with a classic bowtie to match the groom’s crew or a beautiful floral collar or wreath to match the bride’s crew. Trust me, there is nothing cuter than a dog in a costume. 

Ending Note

Your dog is the most loved member of the family, and every dog lover around the world understands. It is incredibly sentimental to know that you were able to make them part of the most important day of your life. Every dog lover wouldn’t want anything more than to have their fur baby next to them on their wedding day. 

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