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Top 5 Careers For Animal Lovers

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Do you feel a passionate connection with animals? Perhaps you’d like to use your talents to start a new career in animal care. There are many options to explore, including the following:

  1. Dog Trainer

Pet adoptions have been increasing in the recent past – and this is an excellent time for people to consider getting a dog. During times of economic turmoil or civil unrest, the value of a good dog cannot be overstated. Dogs not only provide emotional support to their owners; they can also provide protection and reassurance in times of trouble.

The COVID-19 crisis could enable some interesting opportunities for dog trainers. For starters, the abundance of recent dog adoptions means that dog trainers are likely to be in high demand in the immediate future. In particular, pet owners have been seeking out trainers who are willing to do consultations through Skype, Zoom or similar online services.

Beyond that, dogs are being trained to detect COVID-19 and other diseases such as cancer. Considering that the tests developed for detecting COVID-19 have been prone to error, researchers are hopeful that the dogs will have better success.

  1. Dog Breeder

Surprisingly, numerous animal shelters have recently been running out of dogs before they’ve run out of people who want to adopt them. It is possible that this trend may change in the future if large numbers of unemployed people decide to surrender their dogs – however, so far, that hasn’t been an issue.

This could translate to increased opportunities for dog breeders to provide the public with loyal, loveable dogs who will contribute emotional support and security to their new owners. If you have the space and the desire to care for puppies at your place, and the marketing know-how to reach potential customers, you might find success as a professional dog breeder.

  1. Pet Groomer

Many pet owners rely on professional pet groomers to keep their pets looking their best. Dogs need frequent bathing, brushing and clipping. Although cats usually groom themselves, they sometimes need to have their claws trimmed. If you have a knack for putting animals at ease when they’re in unfamiliar territory, this is a job you’d probably excel at.

  1. Dairy Farmer

There is huge demand for dairy products including artisan cheeses, yogurt, kefir and milk. While conventional dairy farming is a tough business to break into, there are opportunities for small farmers to enter and succeed in this industry. In particular, organic dairy farming can be a profitable niche for small farmers to explore.

Currently, there are voids in the organic dairy marketplace and pent-up demand already in place for certain products. For example, there are few producers of organic goat’s milk and ready demand for it; likewise, there are few producers of organic sheep cheeses, and many consumers who would willingly buy it if it were available.

  1. Veterinarian

Veterinarians help to oversee the health of animals, and they also play a role in working to protect the health of the public. This role requires a significant amount of expertise and education, and it is notoriously difficult to get accepted to veterinary school. However, if you can get the credentials you need to become a veterinarian, it’s a fantastic and rewarding job.

It’s also possible to become a veterinary assistant. This is an excellent career option for people who are unable or unwilling to obtain the education needed for becoming a veterinarian,

 The jobs listed above are among the best possibilities for people who want to spend their days working with animals. There are also other viable options where demand may be somewhat limited, including zoologist, marine biologist and zookeeper. If you’re an animal lover who needs to navigate a career change, or you’re planning to launch a brand new career, these are all rewarding options to consider.

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