5 Best Dog Car Travel Gear and Accessories

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The wonderful thing about emotional support dogs is that you can take them almost anywhere you go. While most travel has been on hold in 2020, during the COVID-19 pandemic, you may be traveling by car more often. Road trips are a great way to safely explore, but ensure you have the essential gear you need to relax and enjoy yourself. Before planning a road trip with your pet, don’t forget to load all pet essentials on a universal roof rack.

Aside from the essentials like compostable doggie bags and kibble, what gear do you need to pack in your car for Fido?

1.    Seatbelt harness

Safety first! Like people, dogs should be safely strapped into your vehicle via a secured harness. This is a must-have, and it isn’t just for your dog’s safety- in the case of an accident, your dog could fly forward and hit you or the other passengers. Take your dog to a pet store to get a properly fitted harness before departing on your trip.

2.    Dog crate

Even if you intend to have your dog in a backseat harness while driving, it’s essential to carry a crate with you. You never know when you may need to keep your dog safely and fully restrained. The crate should be a source of comfort to your dog, and taking it with you will make your dog feel a piece of home on the road.

3.    Dog booster seats

Booster seats are designed to keep your dog comfortable on long car rides. They come in all sizes and are like a dog bed on the go, but ensure you find one compatible with your dog seatbelt harness. Long car rides can make dogs restless, but these booster seats help keep your dog relaxed and quiet.

4.    Portable dog water bottle

Don’t forget to keep your pooch hydrated on the road! There are excellent dog water bottles on the market that make it easy to offer your dog water on the go.

5.    Chew toys

It can be easy to forget about bringing your dog’s comfort items on the road, but it’s crucial in reducing stress. Taking Fido’s favorite chew toys makes him feel at home in new settings. Take his favorite blankets and toys along, so he enjoys the familiar smells. Ensure you also make time to play with your dog so he can blow off steam.


Traveling can be stressful for dogs. Taking time to consider what your dog needs to feel comfortable and safe goes a long way in caring for your best friend.

Our furry friends are a part of our families and give us unconditional love and help us cope with life’s challenges. It’s the least we can do to return the favor and keep our pets comfortable on car rides. Investing in a few items to keep you and your dog cozy and safe on the road is worth it. Set your roof rack up with your dog gear and see for yourself how it makes your next trip more relaxing when you hit the highway.

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