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Summer Season 5 Fun things to do with your dog

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Looking for some fun and exciting things you and your companion dog or even emotional support dog, can do this coming summer season together? Well, Emotional Pet Support is here to help give you some useful ideas:

1 Play in the Sprinklers

Turn on those sprinklers and have a blast with your dog! Toss a frisbee or a good old stick and play catch with those sprinklers on. Keeping your dog cool and happy at the same time might be just what it needs to bond with your more.

2 Eat at a dog-friendly cafe

Use that google maps of yours for this one. Locate a local and pet-friendly cafe and take your little buddy with you to it. Nothing beats a memorable adventure with your best friend.

3 Play in the Pool

Not only will this one keep your dog cool, but it may also be able to exercise its swimming skills. You might have a personal lifeguard after taking your little guy to the pool with you.

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4 Eat a frozen treat with your dog

Nothing can be better than eating a cold snack to keep yourself cool during the hot summer season. Why not make a safe, homemade one for your little guy too? One popsicle for one pup – greatness! Perfect for the sun-filled season!

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5 Go on an exciting trip

This coming hot season, why not take your dog with you on that next and exciting summer trip you’ve been dreaming about? Be sure to pack up everything your dog will need and head on out. It could be a trip to a friend in another state. It could be a trip to a giant national park. It may even be a weekend-long camping experience or a simple hike! Whatever it is, this time, bring your furry pal along with you!


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