5 Pet Care Tips You Should Follow

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If you already have a feline or a canine partner, or know someone who does, then you should know that raising a fur baby is by no means easy, simple and should lack attention unlike human babies.

On the contrary, just like human babies, your pet will need your love, care, and attention.  Make to sure to check out an ESA letter to keep your pet as a loving and caring companion.

They are very precious, all life is, and more than that, it’s safe to assume that if you are a pet person or not before adopting a four legged offspring, you WILL fall head over paws for your new found partner.

I have laid out some of the most basic but equally important pointers to keep your pet safe and healthy.

1.   Light Therapy

Light therapy has been the topic of most heated debates lately, and admittedly for a good reason. I will expand on the basics before moving on to how and why you need this for your baby kitto / doggo.

It is often called phototherapy, and is the projection of artificial light at very specific and varying wavelengths and frequencies to alternate its properties for various applications.

It is used to treat Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), rejuvenate skin and maintain healthy levels of collagen by promoting energy to the mitochondria , which in turn generates chemical energy for your cells to trigger biochemical reactions, reduce arthritis pain, and much more.

You will find light therapy in many different colors and types, and back in the days, you would have access to one through a spa or your dermatologist’s office, but you can find portable options that actually work.

Now that you have an understanding of what it is, how it works, and it’s many many properties, the veterinary practice will make sense to you.

 If your fur pals get injured, you can rely on it to treat them using light therapy, and the frequency can be altered to meet the right intensity to be therapeutic for your pet.

Expect to cough up $50 to $100 per session, depending on the severity of your baby’s wounds and also the number of pets you have.

2.   Diet

This is paws-down the most vital piece of factor that you will have to look into, as it will HAVE to be a daily ritual.

One may think that simply providing boiled chicken or fish will get the pet belly filled, but it’s not about what our pets eat. It’s ALWAYS about the nutrients you are putting into your body.

So be sure to provide the right vitamins, the right food, and definitely the right treat. And while some may think veggies will only act as fillers, they can be a good source of very specific nutrients.

Pro Tip for Cats: Get a grass plant for your kittoe, for they will love it, and more importantly, it will have many health benefits for the feline (1).

3.   Hygiene Check

Hygiene check is not simply bathing your four legged friends, but ensuring they are clean, inside and out.

Dental care is something a lot of owners skip, but that only creates unbelievable amounts of pain for your pet. So you will find many brushes and pastes for your pet. 

Checking your pet’s ears is just as important. You will have to keep them clean, or else you will risk ear infection and trust me, it gets real ugoly, smelly and excruciatingly painful.

4.   Tri-Yearly Vet Visit

Does not matter if your pet is showing any symptoms or not, you should have them checked out. 

I know so many unfortunate pet owners who were caring and thought their healthy looking furballs were okay until they were no more for heartworms, which isn’t easy to track and needs very specific veterinary care. And after a certain age of maturation, there’s no removing the worms.

Plus, you will also have to check for any specific health conditions your pet may have, and get vitamins and meds prescribed.

Most importantly, you will constantly be needing your pets to be dewormed and get them the right vaccination (2).

5.   Provide The Right Care

You know the saying “LOVE WILL PREVAIL”? It’s true.

I have to explain this through real life story, my story with baby cat (Bino)

I found him by a train track, completely paralyzed waist down, almost starved and dehydrated to death, cuts and wounds all over his beautiful face.

As a mid-teenager, I was not allowed to keep pets, so my family made an exception as we all assumed he wasn’t gonna make it. 

However, not only did he heal, get healthy, but within the first 3 months, he was able to heal enough to gait all over the house, and before long, he started walking with a limp and now 2 years later, he’s jumping around the house like a monkey.

So always give it love like it’s your baby, which it is and I promise, no matter his/her condition, he/she will pull through or at the very least be happy.


Just be sure to do right by your furry babies, and you don’t even have to worry about being the perfect parent, that’s just what love does to you. 

It will come to you instinctively. The fact that you are here reading this means a part of you already settled on the decision to bring those four adorable paws in, just be sure to double check your facts and you will be alright.

Just go through the basics and I promise you will have nothing to worry about.

Happy paw-renting!

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