Top 5 Reasons Why Hoteliers Should Value Pet Hospitality

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Pet ownership perception has drastically changed in just a few decades. From mere companions and protectors, pets have become a valuable member of the family. In fact, most pet owners now see their pets as their own children, and they do treat them as such.

Many modern pet owners are also more willing to spend on pet supplies such as healthy food, personalized dog toys, and pet sitting and grooming services. This, in turn, contributes to the growth of the pet care industry. But even establishments that don’t necessarily specialize in providing pet products or services can benefit from this trend. By welcoming pets into their premises, resorts, hotels, and other accommodation options can attract more pet owners who are choosing to travel with their pets. 

If you’re managing a hotel, now is the best time to give a bit of thought to whether or not you want to brand your establishment as “pet friendly.” Here are a few points that can help you consider this decision. 

1. Pet-friendly hotels are more popular than a standard hotel.

According to GfK, 57% of consumers are pet owners—a number that is taken from a survey with over 27,000 participants from 22 countries. Despite this, there’s only a limited number of hotels and inns that accommodate pets alongside their owners. With the limited number of pet-friendly accommodations all around the world, it’s pretty obvious why hotels and inns that accept pets are becoming more popular than ones that do not.

2. Accommodating pets brings a unique kind of experience.

For many pet owners, spending their vacation with their beloved fur babies is far better than spending it alone. This is why most pet-owning consumers prefer to stay in places that welcome pets in their establishment. Welcoming pets into your hotel makes you more accessible to guests who own pets and want to include their four-legged family member in their next holiday. In addition, by welcoming pets, you also allow your guests to enjoy a memorable experience. This, in turn, opens up various opportunities for your establishment.

3. Pet hospitality itself is a good marketing strategy.

There is only a limited number of hotels that accept pets. This advantageous aspect of pet hospitality can be used as a strong marketing strategy that will attract pet-owning customers to your establishment. Not only that, you are most likely going to get more recommendations as well, since there are only a few hotels that offer the same services that you do for pet owners. 

4. Get more profit from investing in specialized pet services.

Allowing pets in your hotel rooms not only makes you more memorable to pet owners, it also gives you more opportunities to earn more revenue. Remember that while pet owners want to travel with their pets, they also need time to be alone. This is a great time for your hotel to offer pet sitting, grooming, and other services that cater specifically to pets. You can even setup a shop where pet owners can get supplies and toys for their furred companions. 

5. Build a strong yet compassionate brand.

Now more than ever, consumers are concerned with the values of the businesses they patronize. This is apparent in their choice of organic food and skincare items, among other products. By allowing pets in your hotel and giving them quality accommodation, your hotel will build itself a reputation for extending a warm welcome to guests of all shapes and sizes. Pet hospitality is something that many hoteliers should seriously consider. Taking steps to make your hotel more pet friendly will not only add to your revenue, it will also allow you to establish feelings of trust and loyalty with your guests. 

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