5 Signs That Indicate Sleep Disorder In Dogs

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In this stressful life, sleep disorder has become a very typical issue. But do you have any idea that even your dog is going through insomnia? Not only humans but also your dog can even show the same symptoms that indicate that he/she is suffering from a sleep disorder. Shocking but a fact! 

From sleepwalking, tossing, and turning throughout the night, even our dogs are likely to experience the same sleeping problems. The worst part is that lack of sleep can cause a detrimental effect on your dog’s overall health and behavior. Hence, it’s very beneficial to notice the signs that are unusual in your dog. The sooner you understand the signs. The earlier your dog will start feeling better. 

The most common signs that you should notice are:

Loud Snoring 

Does your dog snore quite louder that it can even wake a dead? While your dogs are cute when snoring but it can be a sign of sleep apnea. As per the research, it has been found that not all snoring is a symptom of sleep apnea, but extremely loud snoring can be. So it’s better to investigate and take your dog to a vet than waiting and making his/her health suffer. 


Typically, dogs like to sleep the whole day, but if you find your dog not sleeping at all, then it can be a sign of insomnia. Whereas insomnia is rarely found in dogs, but too much anxiety, medical conditions, lack of physical activities can be a reason why your dog is not able to enjoy his/her dreamland. Normally, older dogs experience the problem of insomnia, and the reason can be a medical problem. 

Physical activity during sleep

While sleeping, if your dog is chasing the squirrels, this can signify that your dog is facing a sleep disorder – REM behavior disorder. Physical activity during sleep is the main symptom of this disorder. Otherwise, this can deteriorate the health of your dog. We can not feel the pain and uneasiness dogs face; hence, it’s always preferable to take them to the vet when you eat any unusual activities from your dog’s side. 

After activity sudden collapsing 

After a spurt of physical activity, does your dog fall over and pass out? If yes, then he/she is facing a sleep disorder problem that is known as narcolepsy. As per the researchers, mostly poodles, labrador retrievers, and Doberman pinschers have this genetic condition. In this disorder, the dog’s eyes are in motion, but he/she collapses after physical activity like running, eating, or even greeting a family member. This condition is considered to be very dangerous, and a lifestyle change can manage this disorder.

Pacing at night 

Dementia is another form of the disorder that is found in dogs. If you have a senior dog and he/she is crying and pacing at night, then this is the symptom of Dementia. As per doctors, this disorder is not technically a sleep disorder but can negatively and in a huge way affect the sleep of your dog. If you find that your dog is doing this sort of activity, then it is advisable to immediately run to a vet and get him/her diagnosed and follow proper treatment. 


In a lot of ways, dogs are just like humans. In case your dog is facing trouble sleeping, then there is help available that can make your dog feel better, and they can wake up with brighter eyes. A happy dog makes the surrounding more comfortable. 

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