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Top 5 Indicators of a Sad Dog

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If you think that your dog can’t get depressed just like humans do, then you are wrong. Dogs can also get sad, but unlike us, they cannot express it with words. In order to make sure that your dog stays healthy, you have to make sure it is happy as well. To tell whether your dog is happy or not, you will have to look a little more closely. Dogs show a number of behavioral changes when they are dissatisfied or depressed. If you find any of the below-mentioned changes in your dog’s behavior, then it means you need to work on making them happy. You can also check The Dog Dads to learn about some caring tips for your dog. Let’s have a look at a few of the signs dogs’ exhibit when they are not feeling happy:

Appetite Change

 If your dog is not eating how it used to eat or is looking uninterested in food, then it could be a sign that he or she is depressed. Similarly if your dog is eating more than usual and sometimes too much then it could also be a sign of dissatisfaction. When the dogs are sad they start overeating because they find comfort in the food. A clear indication of this could be change in their weight. If their eating habits are disturbed, they will ultimately lose or gain weight, so make sure their eating habit is healthy.

Change in Sleep Schedule

Another habit that changes dramatically in dogs when they are depressed is their sleep schedule. If your dog is sleeping too much, it’s a clear sign that they are not happy. It is a habit that is found in humans as well; when you are too worried or depressed, you often start sleeping for long hours. Dogs exhibit a similar kind of behavior when it comes to sleep. Also, if your dog is not sleeping properly and is always looking tired, it is another sign they are not happy.

Uninterested in Playing Games

Dogs are animals who are always excited when it comes to playing or exercising. They will keep running around the house, or they will start cuddling you when they want to play. If your dog has suddenly started to show less interest in playing and does not seem active during normal exercises, then it is a clear sign that they are not happy and need help. 

Aggressive Behavior

Another telltale sign is that your dog has suddenly become more aggressive. It keeps barking on the people all the time and gets angry when you or other people come around it. If your dog normally behaves very calmly, then you need to help him get back to his best behavior.

Too Much Pacing

If your dog has suddenly started to roam around the house all the time, then it means they are tired and bored with their routine and need to get out of it. Dogs pace around when they get anxious or sad because they want to get out of the house. It is recommended that you must take your dog out for walks regularly.

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