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5 Do-It-Yourself Pet Projects

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If you’re like most pet parents, you probably love buying things for your furry friend. However, store-bought pet supplies can be expensive and sometimes you can’t find exactly what you want. You can save yourself some money and create a unique, customized item with these five simple DIY pet projects.

Pet Tent

Just like humans, sometimes pets need a private space to get away from the hustle of a busy household. With a few yards of non-flammable cloth, some dowels, a bit of rope and a cushion or pet bed, you can create a cat teepee or a pup tent. In addition to privacy, pet tents can be placed in the yard to provide shade, or used to cover a litter box or scratching post. By securing the tent flaps with ties, you can make the space entirely enclosed or keep the flaps open.

Kitty Castle

Most cats love boxes. With a bit of effort and creativity, you can turn kitty’s favorite boxes into a fun castle, a cat house, or even an airstream trailer. Whichever project you choose, the basic process is the same. You’ll start by tracing some shapes on your cardboard and then cutting out those shapes to create the basic outline of your structure. You can then paint the cardboard, cut out any windows or doors and finish decorating it with construction paper and markers. You’ll probably want to stick to non-toxic supplies in case your pet decides they would rather chew on your creation than play in it.

Raised Feeding Station

Bending over to reach food and water bowls that are on the floor can become difficult for some older pets. A raised feeding station can be easier on the joints of your elder pets and cut down on the cleanup for some pets who are messy eaters. You can make your feeding station out of a variety of materials, but plywood is a versatile and inexpensive choice. You’ll need a few basic woodworking skills and tools for this project. You can keep it simple and just build a box with holes cut in the top for your pet’s bowls, or you can add doors or drawers and use it to store pet food and other supplies. It may be a good idea to consult with your vet before you begin. Some breeds of dogs are prone to bloating and raised feeding stations are often not recommended for these breeds.

Window Seat

Most cats love to look out the window, but sometimes the windowsills are just too small. You can create a stylish window seat for your cat with an old basket, some chain, hooks, suction cups, and a pillow. The basket can be hung from the ceiling, like a plant hanger, and be anchored to the window with the suction cups. The pillow goes in the basket so that your kitty can gaze out the window in comfort.  It may be wise to consult your veterinarian about how much sun exposure is optimal for your pet to make sure kitty doesn’t get too much of a good thing.

Stylish Scratching Board

Scratching posts can be a lifesaver when it comes to saving your furniture from kitty’s claws, but they aren’t always the most attractive addition to your home. You can repurpose an old picture frame and a doormat to create a functional piece of art. A doormat made of coco coir works best for the interior of the frame. You’ll want to use a deep-set frame and some heavy-duty tape to keep it in there.  The frame will need to be securely anchored to the wall, at an appropriate distance from the floor, so that it doesn’t come loose when being used.

Making your pet’s toys and accessories yourself can be a fun way to save some cash and create something customized to your style and the needs of your pet. Give one of these five projects a try or come up with your own.

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