5 Tech Essentials for Dog Activities This Winter

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During winter, it’s essential to keep your support dog warm and dry. They also need protection from the biting cold of a chilly winter’s night. Because of the snow levels, taking your dog out can be challenging; hence they will spend most of their days cooped up inside. They will probably need some distractions to keep them busy.

Winter means dog activities like fetch and visits to the dog park are limited or temporarily off, but this doesn’t have to be depressing for your dog. Below are five tech essentials that allow you to keep your mutt in tip-top shape mentally, and physically especially with the state of the weather outside. Getting your pup, one or all of the items on this list will boost their morale and keep them busy during 

1.   A Heated Dog Jacket

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Dogs have fur, so is there a need for a heated dog jacket? They can get cold too. Not all dogs need a jacket, though, just the short-haired ones, pups, and those with a medical condition.

In the blistering cold of winter, a great dog jacket, preferably a quilted one, is more like a necessity for your mutt. As the weather gets chillier, your dog will remain warm.

The best way to enjoy a dog jacket is if you get one with underbelly protection. Both you and your furry friend can go out in the snow to stretch some legs without the worry of getting wet. You should also get one with long battery life but lightweight for your mutt.

 Moreover, measure your dog’s size to get the best fit for him. Get a heated dog jacket made for tough material so they can’t chew right through it. Also, if it is lined with polyester or fleece, your dog gets the best insulation in case the battery dies.

A great dog jacket also has buckles for adjusting it to fit your dog and reflective strips for night visibility. A little cut out at the back to attach your leach is also something to look for when you get a dog jacket. 

2.   A Sturdy Extension Cord

When you are out of the house, running errands and stocking up on groceries during the chilly, biting cold, your dog is bound to get a bit naughty. Dogs, mostly puppies, love to chew stuff, and it will be no surprise if you find them grinding on your extension cords. Especially now, when they are mostly indoors, you can expect such incidents.

There are numerous ways you can deter your dog from chewing on extension cords, especially the ones that power their techy items. Doing this will help keep both your dog and electronics safe. Getting a 12/3 extension cord is one of those effective means. Your dog won’t chew through this strong and durable cord. These 12-gauge diameter extension cords are heavy-duty enough to withstand a dog’s biting force.

You can also try coating your cords with simple deterrents like citrus scents. This will prevent your mutt from gnawing down on your cords.

puppy in Winter

3.   A Pet Tracker

Pet trackers are available in various sizes and shapes. You can get a simple one that works as effectively as that intricate, feature-filled one that costs hundreds of dollars. What you should look for in a pet tracker is a comfortable collar for your dog’s neck that is sturdy, all-weather proof, and easy to use.

The pet tracker of your choice should be able to locate your pup if they wander off in the snow. Great additional features like lights for the dark are also worth looking into. A reflective strip, however, is essential for your pet tracker for night visibility.

4.   A Dog Treat Dispenser

Who doesn’t love giving their dog treats? Their reaction when they get the treat is priceless. Sometimes you may not be there to provide them with treats, and that’s where automatic treat dispensers come in handy.There are several high-tech dog treat dispensers out there, so choosing one may be difficult. But the main thing you should look for in a treat dispenser is if it’s fun and exciting for your mutt. It should relieve their stress and distract them from destructive tendencies

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