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Top 5 Tips For Every Pet Owner

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Are you considering welcoming a pet or emotional support animal into your family? There are a lot of things you should do first to make sure it’s the best experience for everyone, especially your pet. Keep reading for five things to do before you bring your new pet home.

1.) Be Financially Prepared

Having a pet means more than just a buddy to snuggle with or take for a walk. Did you know that the cost of owning a pet averages out to over $1,000 per year? The last thing you want is to bring a pet home and realize that you aren’t able to afford its care. Between food, medical visits, preventative treatments and additional costs for boarding, training classes and toys — it all adds up. Having a pet savings account is a great way to allocate funds, and services such as pet insurance might make sense for your situation. There’s a lot to think about and get in order but you’ll be glad you did. 

2.) Provide Quality Nourishment

While it might be tempting to feed your pet whatever is on sale at your local grocery store, please don’t. Pets can’t handle constant changes in food — it can do a number on their digestive systems and many bargain brands of food aren’t nutritionally sound. Do your research on the proper nutrition for your pet depending on type and breed, and feed them the best quality food you can. If your pet seems healthy and happy, chances are the food is a good match. In addition to what you feed your pet, you can also boost nutritional value by supplementing with a product such as Ultimate Pet Nutrition Nutra Thrive. Supplementing is an effective way to ensure your pet’s nutritional needs are met. What pet parent doesn’t want that? 

3.) Get Everyone on Board

If you’re welcoming a pet into your family, it’s critical that all members of the family are on board and understand that a pet is a huge responsibility. If you have children, it’s essential that you go over proper handling and behavior around pets to prevent injuries or other issues. Does everyone agree that the new pet will be treated as a member of the family and given the attention it needs and deserves? Who will be mainly responsible for any training and is the rest of the family in agreement with staying consistent in the training? How will you handle any behavior problems? Discussing all of these things and more is so important and should be done before any pet is brought into your home.

dog 5 tips

4.) Find a Veterinarian You Like and Trust

A good veterinarian is a huge part of successful and happy pet ownership. Take the time to research different veterinary practices near you and connect with other pet owners for feedback on the vet they use. Aside from having a vet established for necessary check ups and vaccines, it’s important to be comfortable with your vet because you might be seeing them more often due to injuries or illness, both of which can happen at any time.  

5.) Be Prepared With the Essentials 

Before you bring your pet home, having the basics on hand will make the transition easier for everyone. There are definitely a ton of products available and it’s pretty easy to go overboard, so shop wisely. Sticking to the essentials (bowls, leash, collar, crate and bedding) will give you a good start, and once you get to know your pet you can purchase more items specific to their personality and needs.

A pet can quickly become an extension of you and your family. It might be hard to remember the way life was before. By making sure you’re educated and prepared ahead of time, you’ll be giving your pet the best start in life with you as possible. Enjoy this wonderful experience. 

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