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5 Tips To Keep Your Cat Happy While Alone

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We all want our pets to be happy and playful. For domestic cats, this means they always have sufficient mental and physical stimulation at their disposal, as well as plenty of play with their owner. Cats living in a house with a large yard have more play space than brothers from apartments. But regardless of the size of the living space, one can always find a way to keep your cat happy and satisfied – and play is the way to go. Below are some tips to help keep your cat happy while you are away.

  1. Give her toys

Just like children, at one point your cat gets bored with toys also. So keep in mind that you need to change them from time to time. It is easy to please cats, so replace the fishing rods, mice with balls with a wool bench or paper “noodles”. Kittens will look forward to these household supplies as much as expensive toys. Make sure that your cat’s toys are not always within reach, because if they are always available, they will get bored very quickly. And a never-ending trick – when you buy a new pair of shoes or some small home appliance, gift the box to your kitten and she will be delighted with this toy for days, most likely to come out. Also, just like dogs, cats like to throw a ball. Choose a small one (which the cat can hold in its mouth) and a soft one, throw it at the other end of the room and encourage it to give it back to you. Use treats or snacks every time she listens to you as a reward.

  • Hide and seek activities

Before you go out, you can hide a cat’s favorite toys in different corners of the apartment. While you are away she can spend time searching for them. Additional tip – you can spray toys with a pheromone spray so she can easily find them. Change toys every day as well as places you hide them.

  • Place her in a nest

Get climbers with high-altitude cottages where the kittens can be slammed and secured. Also, place the crib or pillow in the highest place in the apartment, on top of the closet for example. They need to observe their space from a height and take a nap there because that’s the place is the most secure.

  • Buy a scratch-pad

Every cat owner knows that a scratchpad is a must-have piece of furniture in a cat’s home. You can have several, in any room in your home. What is more – the better, kittens adore this form of exercise (stretching muscles), fun but also necessary actions (leaving their scent, shortening their sharp nails).

  • Engage her brain
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Get a Kong toy (with cavities where you can put granules in) that the cat will flip and rotate until the granules fall out or catch them with paws. Another option is a maze-shaped food bowl to give the kitten a little bite. And don’t worry, this is not torture for your pet, but a true joy to “prey” and make him or her proud.If you are still feeling guilty for leaving her alone at the house even during pandemic, maybe you should consider expanding your family with another feline member. One old proverb says that ,,Cats are bred in pairs’’. One cat is fun, two cats are a party! We are #justsayin

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