5 Ways to Make Cleaning Your Cat's Litter Box Simple & Mess-free

5 Ways to Make Cleaning Your Cat’s Litter Box Simple & Mess-free

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Taking care of a cat isn’t easy. Many people consider cats to be the simplest, lowest maintenance animals you could keep as a pet, but there are still many ways they can inconvenience you. Whether it’s knocking over your things, scratching up furniture, or making messes around the house, cats can create difficulty in your life. It’s important to manage these problems before they become major inconveniences. One of the biggest things you should be on top of as a cat parent, however, is the state of your cat’s litter. Keep reading to find out how you can make cleaning it simpler for yourself.

1. Choose the Right Litter Box

Choosing the right litter box for your cat is crucial. There are many different litter boxes, and the kind you choose can have a massive impact on your cleaning schedule in the future. This extends to the litter you use in these boxes. Choosing a variant that clumps easily will help when you’re scooping out waste and also reduces odors, making you and your cat much more comfortable around the litter box. Getting a large cat litter box will allow you to fit in more litter, allowing for better clumping, easier cleaning, and less frequent deep cleaning too. This can also make your cat more excited about using it. A large litter box is especially important if you have multiple cats.

2. Use a Litter Mat

A litter mat may be something you haven’t considered buying before, but if you get one, you can observe the massive difference it produces. Cats can make a mess when they’re using the litter box by scooping out litter onto the surrounding floor. This adds an extra mess you’ll have to sweep up, sometimes even multiple times a day, if your cat goes frequently enough. A litter mat will catch these stray grains of litter, preventing messes from forming. Instead of sweeping regularly, you’ll just have to clean the mat every few months, which is far more convenient.

3. Scoop the Litter Daily

Scooping the litter daily is integral if you want your cat to be able to use the litter regularly. Cats hate messes and dirty environments and may refuse to use the litter you have for them if they feel it’s not clean enough. Scooping regularly is easy and convenient, taking only a few minutes at most, and prevents waste from building up in the litter. A buildup of waste will only take more time to clean, and your cat will go about its business elsewhere in your home, which is why daily scooping is essential.

4. Deep Clean Regularly

Deep cleaning is another integral part of litter box care. Litter boxes can get dirty eventually, even if you religiously scoop litter and prevent buildups. This brings strong smells and a feeling of uncleanliness that cats hate and can stink up your home, too. It’s recommended that you empty the box of litter and clean it out thoroughly once a month. While it’s inconvenient, it doesn’t take too long, and your cat will thank you for it.

5. Consider a Closed Litter

A closed litter is a great option for some cats and has a lot of benefits. Closed litter boxes prevent cats from throwing litter out of the box and making messes on the floor. They’ll also trap in the smells and odors produced, so you won’t be affected by them except when you clean the box. However, some cats prefer openness when using the litter and refuse to use a closed litter box. Consider your cat’s preferences before you invest in one of these. 


A cat’s litter box is incredibly important. Cats are known for their cleanliness, which extends to how they do their business in the litter you have for them. A litter box that isn’t clean and has messes or strong smells may not be used by your cat, which can lead to messes all over the house. However, cleaning out and maintaining your litter box can be a pain, especially if you have multiple cats, so you’ll have to work overtime to keep the litter in good shape. If you use the information in this article, you can avoid these issues since cleaning the litter box will be easier than ever. You also may want to know that cats can also serve as emotional support animals too!