5 Ways to Play and Exercising with Your Dog Outdoors

Top 5 Ideas For Exercising and Playing With Your Dog Outside

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If you are trying to incorporate exercise into your daily routine, the best way to do so is with an exercise buddy. But the best exercise buddy you can find is your best four-legged friend.  Just like people, dogs need daily exercise and play to keep boredom and depression away.  

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There are many activities that you can do with your dog to keep both of you healthy, both physically and mentally. Plus, because dogs are very social animals and require human interaction, spending time together will make your bonds even stronger.  

Here are five activities that you can incorporate into your daily schedule that will enrich the life of your pet and get you in shape.  

Running together 

Exercising together

If you are trying to lose weight, running is probably the best form of exercise for you, or if you want to start running, or make your runs even more fun, inviting your dog along with you might be just what both of you need. Running with your dog may not be very productive in the beginning, because they will not know how to run at your pace, and they might get distracted with different smells or other animals in the park.  But not all dog breeds are made for long-distance running because they get tired really fast. You should choose your activity based on your dog’s breed and abilities.  

Play frisbee or fetch 

Play frisbee or fetch

These are the classic activity and exercises for dogs, but they can be enjoyable and active for you, as well.  Not only will it get your dog in shape, but if you add the learning in the activity, such as teaching your dog to bring the ball or frisbee back, or to sit down, you can also stimulate your dog’s brain, which will keep their cognitive functions working as new. 

Go Hiking  

Go Exercising with dog

Hiking is a fantastic activity for all living beings. Not only is it a great form of exercise, but being in nature has a positive effect on our mood.  Hiking with your dog will probably become their favorite activity because most dogs love to go outside and explore nature’snature’s smells. Smelling their environment is a critical activity for dogs because it trains their focus, innate scent capability, and confidence. But one thing to keep in mind is always to protect your dog with flea and tick prevention.  

Take them to a dog park 

Take them to a dog park

Apart from needing human interaction, dogs also need interaction with other dogs. Off-leash running and playing offer your dog an opportunity to burn energy and rest at their own pace, as well as socialize.  Not only will your furry best friend be happy and fit, but running around after them will keep you active, too. Plus, you will be socializing a lot with other pet parents.  

Go for a regular walk 

Go for a regular walk

If you are not a massive fan of running, walking is also an activity that will provide you and your dog with some exercise, especially if you make it brisk. It does not matter if the exercise is high in intensity, sometimes being outdoors is enough to keep you and your best friend happy. Walking is often underrated activity, because it brings a lot of benefits, like lower blood pressure, stronger heart, and better mood.  

There are no rules for how much walking your dog needs, but you can work gradually on your distance and your pace.  



It is important that you have a daily routine that will get your dog used to exercising with you every day because they are creatures of habit. So if you go running every day after work, you should keep your routine over the weekend, as well. Although they will not know to be able to follow your pace while running or hiking, they will be able to learn very quickly once they make a habit of the activity.   One other important thing is to keep your dog safe and healthy, so start your exercise journey by taking them to the vet to check their overall health and their abilities. Also, make sure to protect them from being too hot or too cold. Especially be aware of their paws, so if it is too hot outside, it is better to wait until it’s cooler to go out and play than to risk damaging and injuring your dog’s paws. 

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