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6 Amazing Dog Breeds For Fighting Depression

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When you are feeling down, having a loyal and cheerful pet – or emotional support animal – around can certainly help you feel better. But, did you know that there are specific dog breeds who can help you battle long-term depression and ensure you start feeling better?

At Emotional Pet Support we not only have a passion for animals, but also helping our members get through their days and nights as comfortable as possible with their furry friends by their side. Here we’ll look into six amazing dog breeds who are known for helping fight depression in their pet parents. 

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1. Border collie

This is a very popular dog due to its fun-loving nature. These energetic, cheerful dogs are good with families and are very intelligent so they can sense when you’re sad or down and make sure to make you feel better. In fact, they are said to be the smartest of all dogs. That makes them easy to train and work with. Border Collie colors include traditional white and black, red, blue, slate and even lilac!

2. Golden retrievers

You know these dogs from their prevalence in the media. They have appeared in movies like The Incredible Journey and Air Bud, and the reason they always show up in these feel-good movies is because they are seen as great companions and cheerful, energetic dogs. Golden retrievers are very easy to train and great family dogs. They are not demanding, though they do need lots of regular exercise. That can be a positive, however, as having a dog like this that needs some exercise can get you up and moving and is good for your mental health. These breeds can help you stay active when you are fighting depression, as getting your blood pumping is one of the best ways to improve your mood.

3. Labrador retriever

Let’s talk about the other kind of retriever as well. The lab is a great family dog as well, and they love to swim and get exercise outside. On the downside, they will need some space, so they may not always be there for you emotionally and physically – so before you rescue this breed, make sure you are happy with having your own space every now and then. 

Still, you couldn’t ask for a more loyal and trusting companion. Like golden retrievers, labs are very easy to train, so they can easily join with you for your morning routines, your workouts and your daily activities. You don’t have to feel embarrassed to take them out in public, since they can learn very quickly to behave around other people and dogs.

4. Poodle

This smaller dog is a great companion as well. One of the advantages to having a poodle as a pet to help with depression is that they live a long time. That means you don’t have to worry that they will be absent from your life too soon, and you can spend many years together. 

Poodles do need a lot of grooming, though, but that can be a good bonding time for the two of you. Keeping busy with your dog is a great way to battle depression, as it can take your mind off of what has you depressed. 

5. Great Pyrenees

Some larger dogs can be great companions to help with depression as well. What makes great Pyrenees a good choice is that they are very calm and patient. They are not likely to be moody, and their resilient, composed nature can help you to stay calm as well and better able to weather the storms in your life. 

Because of their massive size, though, you’ll want to make sure you have enough room for them. They can weigh anywhere from 60-115 pounds at full size, so be prepared for a dog that takes up some space and needs some large accommodations. 

6. Greyhound

Did you know that your dog can provide you with some emotional support? Greyhounds are particularly good at picking up on their owner’s emotions and responding to them. They are sensitive dogs that are excellent for anyone who is struggling with emotional instability and bouts of depression. They are quick, powerful and athletic dogs that will keep you on your toes and challenge you to be more active and fit, which definitely helps you combat depression. 

Find the dog that will help you

A dog can be more than just a friend and a pet. Furry friends can also be there for you emotionally, helping you through your hard times and making things easier on you, even without saying a word.

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