6 Reasons A Pooch May Need A Dog Wheelchair

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One of the strongest bonds you’ll see in this world is that of dogs and their owners. As proof, many real-life stories about the unconditional love between dogs and their owners have inspired many movies. Most became box office hits, and surely, you still remember one or two of them.

This bond is always put to the test when dogs experience injuries or get sick. Fortunately, most pet lovers don’t disappoint as they will quickly do anything to make things easier, more comfortable, and bearable for their beloved canine friends. 

However, there’s one thing that does make them hesitate: when their dogs need to be put on wheelchairs. They feel that letting their dogs use one may hinder their recovery. Some even think that it may make their dogs overly reliant on it and become lazy.

As alarming as that may have sounded, you should think twice before you say no to it, especially if your veterinarian already recommended a wheelchair. If that isn’t enough of a reason for you, then here are seven reasons your pooch may need a dog wheelchair.

1. To Offer Support 

If your beloved dog has an infected, broken, or sore leg, you would know immediately as your dog will become visibly listless. It may wail, moan, and even resist your invitation for a morning walk. 

Normally, if you have already visited the vet, you may have already received a prescription for your dog’s pain. However, if the case is already severe, you can have the initiative to put your pup in a wheelchair to give it something to support its weight while it’s healing.

Take note that if your dog continues to use the damaged leg without support, it may take longer for the injury to heal. Worse, the injured leg might not heal correctly and become a permanent disability. 

So, one of the reasons why you may need to buy a wheelchair for your beloved canine friend is to take the weight or load off its legs. For example, if your dog has an injured rear leg, the use of a wheelchair will support a dog’s hind legs and enable faster and proper healing. 

2. To Make Older Dogs Happier 

If you have been a dog owner for some time, it would be easy for you to determine the moods and emotions of dogs. You’ll know when they’re not feeling well. The pain and other conditions that affect their ability to move correctly will most likely make them feel cranky, lethargic, and unhappy. However, once you address the problems and illnesses, you’ll see an improvement in their behavior immediately. 

Some things owners can do to make older dogs happier include promoting weight loss, giving massages, switching to light exercises, and even using adaptive equipment to deal with diseases or mobility problems. 

Using a wheelchair, especially for old dogs suffering chronic pains and stiff joints, will surely improve their mobility and help them feel more independent. They’ll be able to do activities they used to enjoy before pain, illness, or old age crept in.

3. To Increase Mobility 

Many conditions affect the mobility of pet dogs. Like people, dogs can also experience immobility due to accidents, injury, surgery, and degenerative diseases. If your beloved pooch is suffering from paralysis or restricted mobility, whether temporary or permanent, a wheelchair or special cart would be a big help in giving back your dog the freedom of movement.

Also, put into mind that dogs that can’t move too much or not at all may easily become depressed. Depression in dogs may exacerbate their existing medical conditions. Allowing them to move around freely prevents this from happening. It also makes them happier, which may accelerate their recovery. 

4. To Improve Stability 

Thankfully, young pooches have strong core muscles and could maintain stability even if they only have three fine legs without nerve problems or physiological issues. The story is different for older dogs.

So, if dogs are already limping, hesitant to perform everyday activities, and are suffering from ataxia, metabolic problems, vestibular nerve damage, and cancer, a wheelchair may help improve their stability and balance. The wheels will keep them upright, and the harness on their waist will make it easier for them to move. 

5. To Assist With Speed 

Apart from freedom of movement, speed is another problem for dogs suffering from old age, degenerative conditions, or injury. Giving them a wheelchair that provides leg support can help them move faster and perform activities they used to enjoy, such as going for walks and playing with their owners or other dogs.

6. To Ease Pain 

Painkillers, acupuncture, and even regular physical therapy can all help ease the pain that your dog may be suffering from. But these are limited solutions and only work for acute or temporary causes of pain. Dogs can’t take pain meds for very long periods because doing so may cause further problems, such as gastric conditions or even kidney failure.

So, if your dear old dog has joint problems caused by arthritis, nerve damage, cancer, or tumors, providing them with a wheelchair may help lessen the stress on their joints and alleviate aches and pains. Even older people use canes, wheelchairs, and mopeds occasionally as a pain management aid for arthritis or joint pains.

Aside from your pet, you also benefit from letting your pooch be in a wheelchair. At this point, you already know the pain and tension of the sight of your beloved dog suffering. It may sound selfish, but it’s okay for you to reduce the pain your pet is experiencing to make yourself feel better as well.

Final Thoughts 

Pet owners want the best for their much-loved animals. If your dog is suffering from conditions that limit their movements or cause them pain, using mobility aids like a dog wheelchair can take the load off their joints. So, providing your pooch with a dog wheelchair may be a good idea. Consult with your dog’s vet to learn more about how a dog wheelchair can help.

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