6 Tips For A Well-Behaved Dog

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While having a playful dog can truly be fun, allowing them to be rowdy all the time might make your house a mess. Ideally, your dog should be able to play and follow you any time of the day, allowing for a harmonious living together.  

Owning a dog is all fun and games until you come home and see all your things in different places and your important documents shredded into pieces. While it’s not a great view to see, you should learn how to discipline your dog so it can adequately behave wherever you are. Moreover, listed below are the tips for a well-behaved dog:  

  1. Hire A Dog Trainer

One of the easiest and guaranteed ways you can ensure your dog would develop good behavior is by hiring a dog trainer in Vancouver or any city that you’re in. A dog trainer is a professional individual that can help to train your dogs and follow their lead as quickly as possible. They’ll be teaching them tricks and discipline that could help you have a peaceful environment inside your home.  

As you hire a dog trainer, discuss any behavioral issues you’re facing with them. This will allow them to focus on discipline and allow your dog to behave well, with or without your supervision. Moreover, they can also teach your dog some tricks such as fetching the paper or closing the door after them, allowing you to live a comfortable life. 

  • Be The Pack Leader

When it comes to owning a dog, you should keep in mind that you’re their leader and not the other way around. If you show your dog that you’re going to give in to anything they want, you might not earn their respect and trust, making them disobey your orders. When this happens, disciplining your dog might become impossible.  

Ideally, you should become your dog’s pack leader. You must establish what is wrong and what is right under your leadership. You can begin by letting yourself enter the room first before them and eating your meals before handing them out their food bowls. This will help them understand that their leader would come first and earn their respect for you will follow afterward. 

  • Use The Right Discipline Voice

Disciplining your dog might put your voice in a roller coaster ride, especially when you’re full of emotions about the mess they’ve made. While it might push you to scream at your dog, it would not help to earn them their good discipline badge, but rather only make them confused about why you’re shouting in front of them.  

To help your dog understand your commands, you should use the right discipline voice every time you tell them about what they shouldn’t do. With an affirmative voice, they’ll know you’re in command and would most likely follow your lead. No matter how tempting it is to raise your voice, ensure that you regulate it properly and be as disciplined as possible.  

  • Be Consistent  

A dog will only get confused if you don’t follow the same rules inside the house. To ensure a strict policy, you should be consistent about your discipline methods and not give in under any circumstances. This will help the dog fully understand the things they can and shouldn’t do.  

No matter how much your dog gives you sad puppy dogs eyes, you shouldn’t give in to their soft cries, especially if it’s not harming them. Be strict with your rules and stay firm about saying ‘no’ to your dog.  

  • Give A Chew Toy

Your dog’s instinct is to chew on something. It could be a form of playing, passing the time, or easing their anxiety. With this, they might look for anything they could chew on for the day. To save your furniture from getting chewed on, you should purchase a chew toy, direct them to their full attention, and keep your things safe. 

There are plenty of chew toys that you can purchase on the market. Some can even help address any specific oral concerns, allowing your dog to have healthy and strong teeth. Just ensure that you are buying one appropriate to the size of their mouth so they can chew them with ease.  

  • Show Endless Love

As you discipline your dog, don’t forget to show them enough love as well. This will help to have a peaceful and loving relationship as they don’t only see you as their commander, but as family as well.  

Take some time to play and cuddle with your dog whenever you can. You can take them out for a walk and give them treats whenever they do something good. A small reward and physical touch would help to assure your dog that you’re their family and would be happy to be under your care.  

The Verdict  

Disciplining your dog can be challenging, especially if they’re extra playful. But with the right practice, you should be able to achieve your goals little by little. Moreover, don’t expect your dog to follow from a single try as they also need enough time to learn and adapt.