6 Tips for Keeping Your Dog Healthy

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Your pet’s health is essential to help it live a long and happy life and avoiding pet health problems. And to do that, you need to take the necessary measures. 

Preventative medications, proper nutrition, grooming, mental stimulation are among the things that keep your dog in tiptop shape. 

If you want your dog happy, we’ve highlighted the top essential tips to keep your dog healthy in this article. 

Exercises for Dogs

Like humans, a dog requires regular daily exercise. Regular walks, playing fetch, swimming, and hiking will keep your dog physically fit and active. 

Dogs also need mental stimulation. Provide the dog with toys it can enjoy with and without you, such as a Kong puzzle toy or a smart toy called a Busy Ball. The latter is a newer product that’s been very popular, especially with more dog owners working from home. They buy a busy ball to entertain their dogs while they get work done around the house. It’s self-propelled and activated when your dog is near. 

But don’t rely just on smart toys for dogs! Stick to a regular walking schedule, and change your walking routine ever day or so. It helps your dog explore new smells and sceneries.

Proper Nutrition

Feed your dog with the right type of food and amount. It will help your dog keep a healthy weight, which could help prevent the dog from obesity-related conditions. 

A pet will meet its nutritional needs with a balanced diet from high-quality food. Regularly make an appointment with your veterinarian to see whether the dog needs supplements. 

Another thing, make sure you give the dog enough fresh water and the number of treats it gets. Many experts suggest that your dog should take less than 10% of daily calories through treats. However, you need to consult your vet for the right figure. 

Regular Checkups 

Routine checkups provide an excellent opportunity for your vet to perform various health screens. It will be easier to detect warning signs of a serious disease.

You can schedule your checkups annually. Dental appointments are also recommended to remove tartar and plaque buildup. 

Preventative Medications 

Giving your pet the proper preventative measures goes in hand with a frequent visit to your veterinarian. These medications keep your pet free from health issues such as tick-borne illness, flea-related diseases, and heartworm. 

Besides, regular brushing of your dog’s teeth is recommended. In addition, give it dental chews, and you help prevent periodontal disease-causing more serious health problems. 

Safety Measures

The safety of your dog is a great concern. You can consider several ways of keeping your pet safe. These include microchips, ID tags, putting toxic substances away, and ensuring the house is free from hazards. 

A pet should live in a safe environment free from things that may bring harm. 


Keep your dog’s nails trimmed, give him regular baths and brush him many times weekly for hygienic purposes. 

Grooming will help you see any changes in the skin or fur, such as bald patches, drily skin, or dandruff. 

In addition, also check lumps and bumps which may need attention. So, when you visit your vet, ask for the right grooming protocol for your pet’s health. 

Health Dog = Healthy Home

Keeping your dog healthy is essential as the owner. You must make sure there is nothing that will harm your dog’s health. 

Consider the above tips, and your furry friend will be healthy and happy in many years. 

Good Luck 

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